Serfas Tires Mountain and Road

Serfas Tires Mountain and Road Review by Aaron Gerth, Brand Ambassador

All three of my bikes roll on @serfas_inc tires. On the mtb I’m using @serfas_inc Krest tires (28 psi). The road bike rolls on Seca Pros 28c and the CX bike gets down/up the dirt and paved roads on Cyclo tires.

All the tires were easy to mount up with no difficulties. So far the FPS (flat protection system) has done an admirable job of keeping me rolling instead of fixing flats. I don’t have a ton of dirt miles on the Krest tires but find them to be very well suited for the Southern California conditions that I encounter. I have used the Seca Pros and Cyclo tires for many months and the Cyclo (35-40psi) does show some wear (knobbies are getting small on the CX tires)but still hook up well on the hardpacked dirt roads and trails that I encounter. The Seca Pros are inflated to 80 psi and these tires show very little wear. Still round on the tops of the tires and not a hint of a flat center section. In addition to riding the road on the Seca tires I often take my road bike off road and the tires have held up well by subjecting them to riding that the @serfas_inc probably didn’t make them for but I’ve been happy giving them a torture test. Looking forward to log even more mikes on these quality tires from @serfas_inc

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