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Serfas® eDART 500W E-Bike




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2 reviews for Serfas® eDART 500W E-Bike

  1. Kayla L

    I have had this bike for a week now and it is great! It has 3 modes, with pedal assist and full throttle. I am bigger so on hills I need to assist it, but not a lot! It is a great bike so far!

  2. Austin Frye

    I had previously been riding a Class #1 eBike, so when I hit the road with the eDart 500W, I was shocked to find out how powerful this bike is. It takes just a light touch on the pedal to feel the surge of energy from the motor. I am currently riding in the South Florida summer heat, so I find myself using the throttle more than expected, in order to ride longer and cooler. You can easily get spoiled by throttle riding rather, than peddle riding. I also am enjoying the stability of the bike and the very comfortable wide seat. So far my only negative, is the lack of a place to hang a water bottle, because the removable motor is where I usually hang my water bottle. Any ideas for a solution to this issue would be welcome.

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Options (Color/Frame/Size)

500W Coral Pink, Step Through – Small/Medium, 500W Coral Pink, Step Through – Medium/Large, 500W Desert Tan, Step Through – Small/Medium, 500W Desert Tan, Step Through – Medium/Large, 500W Tundra Grey, Step Through – Small/Medium, 500W Tundra Grey, Step Through – Medium/Large

30-60 Mile Average Range

28 MPH Top Speed

Step Through Frame

Comfortable Wide Saddle