Get pumped!

Tires work hard but if the unthinkable should happen our high-pressure and ergonomic Serfas® inflation systems are here to get you back up and rolling again.

Our high performance Serfas® Floor Pumps are capable of inflating to extremely precise inflation pressures and are easy to read with large oversized gauge designs.

Serfas® offers various pump head and valve attachment options — the Switch Valve and Simple Valve designs enable choosing between Presta or Schrader compatibility, while the Dual Head offers both. Our Simple Screw-On and Quick Draw head designs both screw on to the valve for a secure fit, even at high inflation pressures.

Don’t forget the CO2! — Serfas® line of CO2 cartridges and compact CO2 inflators provides the fastest solution to maintaining tire pressures and airing up after a flat. Get back on the road or trail again in no time with Serfas® CO2 products.

Serfas® CO2 available in 12G, 16G, and 25G capacity cartridge sizes.