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Presta Inner TubesPresta Inner Tubes

Presta Valve Inner Tubes

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Schrader Valve Inner Tubes

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CTR Drifter City


BPV V-Style Compatible

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STK SECA Road Wire Bead

HTK Vida Hybrid

HTK Vida Hybrid


USL-250 E-Lume 250


BT Synthetic Cork Tape (21 Colors Available)

Understanding IP Resistance Ratings IP stands for International Protection Marking, or also commonly referred to as Ingress Protection Marking. This classification rates the degree and effectiveness of protection against ingress of foreign matter (dust, solid objects, and moisture) into an enclosure or
Serfas® Tire RX™ sealant can be used in either traditional tube or in tubeless tire setups as an extra layer of added flat protection. Tire RX™ is designed to coat the inside of the tire, or tube depending on setup, and in
Follow these 5 basic trail etiquette guidelines to get the most out of your ride and to do your part to help make sure trails stay open and everyone can enjoy them equally. 1. Ride Open Trails Abide all trail rules, regulations,