Tire Sealant


Serfas Tire RX sealant kits & accessories are specifically designed & formulated to keep your tires rolling in the most extreme conditions. Sealing punctures up to 1/4 inch in diameter. Tire RX offers a unique blend of sealing power & longevity. New since 2017, the Tire RX now comes with a universal conversion kit, the only of its kind to fit a multitude of rim widths. The universal conversion kit is easy to apply & ready to perform.

First & Only Of Its Kind Universal Conversion Kit: Introducing a one size fits all.

Instantly Seals 1/4 Inch Punctures: Tire RX has you protected.

Tubeless Accessories: Replacement valves, valve cores, rim tape & valve adapters round out our sealant accessory offerings.

Removable Cores: Our Tire RX valves come with removable cores for quick, clean & easy sealant application.