Marketing Update: Live to Play Sports

Marketing Update: Live to Play Sports

Variant Saddle Review

Thank you very much for the Variant saddles. I’ve enjoyed them! I will continue to push for high-quality images of the saddle(s) in use, but please find attached some quick snaps. The Variant Ti

is on my Norco Range currently. It’s one of the best mountain saddles I’ve tried. The shape is amazing- narrow enough for aggressive bike park and enduro use (no chance of getting hung-up on it), but supportive enough to be comfortable for long climbs. Heck, even my wheelies have improved now that I have a more stable platform to sit on! The Variant adjustability is really cool. I’ve tried all the configurations, and have settled for the softest insert, allowing me to do shorter rides without padded shorts.

The Variant Cromo, slightly wider than the Ti version, is currently on a Norco Threshold Alloy being piloted by Alec Young on his way to Ushuaia, Argentina. He recently stopped by LTP HQ on his way down from Alaska, where he began his journey. His stock saddle wasn’t doing him any favours on a ride that long (and on an aluminum race bike no less!), so I fit him for the Variant. After some discussion, we settled for the blue Medium-Soft insert, and set it up level, and slightly back on the rails. The difference was immediate; Alec smiled from ear to ear at the comfort, and admitted that he wished he had thought of changing to a better saddle sooner. You can find his blog at:

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