Serfas Catalog Photoshoot 2017

Serfas Catalog Photoshoot 2017

Serfas Catalog 2017-2018 Photoshoot Behind the Scenes

Day 1 Product Photoshoot

Photoshoot took place in Downtown Phoenix, AZ and a bike trail in North Phoenix on Dove Hwy. Rob Ballard, a talented photographer from Phoenix Arizona, took our product photos. ( Rob is professional and we at Serfas enjoy working with him for the past few years.

Day 2 Product and Talent Photoshoot

Thank you to our Serfas employees for volunteering and taking the time to give us some great shots. Thank you Brent House our National Sales Manager and Mike Janssen one of our Regional Sales Manager. This was a fun photoshoot and we are excited to showoff the photos.

Thank You Team!

Claudia Santana: Graphic Designer, Art Directing

Rob Ballard: Photographer

Gian Carlo Garcia: Photographer’s Assistant

Brent House: Talent

Mike Janssen: Talent

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