Serfas Cyclo Tire Review

Serfas Cyclo Tire Review by Aaron Gerth, Brand Ambassador

I participated in the Stradarossa 2017, but only completed 40+ miles of the 64 mile option due to an on going respiratory issue I’ve been having. The 40 miles I logged on the @serfas_inc Cyclo tires was enjoyable. Super easy to mount on my rims and air up. I chose to inflate to 45 psi. This ride consisted of mixed surfaces, pavement, dirt roads and singletrack.

The pavement sections thetires rolled quickly with the tightly spaced knobs the rolling friction was minimal. The hard packed dirt sections the tires supplied great traction for seated and out of the saddle riding. I had zero flats out in the course due to the Flat Protection System that these tires incorporate. I’m looking forward to logging some more mileage on these tires in the next few months, stay tuned for a more thorough write up at San Timoteo Canyon.

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