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  • GoPro® Adapter Bracket (UNI-GO2)


    Replacement/Spare Part – UNI-GO2 GoPro® Adapter Bracket

    Allows mounting of Serfas headlights to GoPro® action camera mount systems (e.g. helmet mount, handlebar mount, etc.)

    • Compatible with all current E-Lume and late model True Series headlights
  • Universal Handlebar Bracket Strap


    Universal Handlebar Bracket Strap

    • Original Rubber Replacement Adjustment Strap For Use With UNI-BRKT Handlebar Mount
    • Quantity: 1

    In The Event of Strap Breakage, Replacement Straps Do Not Include The Lever. If Thrown Away A Complete Replacement Bracket Assembly Purchase Will Be Necessary.

  • Rubber Ladder Strap (HLMT-1/HLMT-2)


    Replacement Rubber Ladder Strap


    Compatible With:

    • Titan Magnetic Helmet Tail Light Bracket (HLMT-1)
    • Phoenix Magnetic Helmet Tail Light Bracket (HLMT-2)
    • Aero Headlight & Tail Light Bracket

    Quantity: 1 Rubber Strap
    Size: 4″ L x 1″ W

  • UTL-9 Bracket w/ Packaging


    Replacement Tail Light Bracket w/ Packaging for UTL-9

    Only for Bracket, UTL-9 Tail Light Not Included

  • Multi-Strap (Pair)


    One short, and one long rubber strap.

    Sold As Pair.

  • E-MOUNT E-Lume 250/500E-MOUNT E-Lume 250/500

    E-Lume 250/500 Headlight Bracket Mount


    Replacement Part – E-MOUNT

    Bracket Mount For 250/500 E-Lume Headlights


    Velcro Battery Strap With Rubber Grip (See Compatibility List)


    Replacement Part – Velcro Battery Strap With Rubber Grip

    • Replacement Velcro Strap Compatible With True Series Lights
      • RB-LI4+
      • BAT-2T
      • BAT-4
      • BAT-2S
  • Uni-hlmt

    Universal Helmet Mount


    Replacement Part – Universal Headlight Helmet Mount

    • Fits All Serfas HeadLights
    • No Tools Needed
    • Can Not Be Used With TST-70, TST-100, TST-150 & TBT-50R

    Long Strap (Colors Available)


    Replacement Long Strap

    • Single Strap
    • Fits UTL-2, USL-2, UTL-6, USL-6 Lights Only
    • Red, Pink, Yellow, White, Black & Green Long Strap

    USB Quick Wall Charger


    Replacement Part – USB Wall Charger

    • USB Quick Wall Charger
    • This Adapter Will Allow You To Plug Your USB Into The Wall For A Faster Charge Time.
    • It Also Allows You To Charge Without A Computer

    Wall Charger (See Compatibility List)


    Replacement Part – Wall Charger

    • Replacement Wall Charger For:
      • TSL-1000
      • TSL-1500
      • TSL-T1000
      • TSL-1800
      • TSL-2500
      • TSL-POLICE
      • TSL-LT1000
      • TSL-1200

    Short Strap (Colors Available)


    Replacement Part – Short Strap

    • Single Strap
    • Fits UTL-2, USL-2, UTL-6, USL-6 Lights Only
    • Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, Pink, Black, White & Clear Short Straps

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