UNI-OS – Oversized Handlebar Bracket (35mm)


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Quick Overview

Replacement Part – UNI-OS

Oversized Handlebar Bracket (35mm)

  • Reinforced Internals Take More Abuse
  • Fits Oversized 35mm MTB Bars
  • No Tools Needed
  • Included With USL-1100 & USL-1500 Headlights
  • Compatible With All Headlights Except: SL-200, SL-30WP, SL-40WP
  • Weight: 40 Grams

***Installation Note – Please Read***

Pay careful attention to strap tightness during installation to handlebar. Improper installation resulting in over tightening will cause premature micro-tearing, excessive stress and wear, damage, and/or breakage of the rubber strap.

A good rule of thumb is to take your time and reduce strap tightness one notch at a time until the least amount of strap tension needed to keep the light and mount in place on the bars is reached.

Also note, prolonged exposure to sunlight or adverse temperatures over time can negatively effect the life of the rubber strap. It is recommended to remove both light and mount when not in use.




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