3300mAh Li-Ion Battery (TSL-350/550/750)


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Quick Overview

Replacement Part – Large 1-Cell True Series Battery

  • Battery: 3300 mAh
  • Compatible With:
    • TSL-350
    • TSL-550
    • TSL-750

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1 review for 3300mAh Li-Ion Battery (TSL-350/550/750)

  1. stuart sjalund

    I have used this battery in the True 750 and has performed very well, if you keep it charged after every use. My flashlight is about 7 years old and is an excellent performer. This battery used here is a sub-c battery and should be used in all high Lu output flashlights only. i also have the 1600 Lu flashlight and it draws about 20 watts@1600 Lu output. The two small standard size Lithium-ion batteries used in this flashlight failed due to excessive current draw, almost 3 amperes. These cells are in series, a good choice. This was not a good battery choice in this instance. Both cells failed, indicating not a cell failure but death by excessive power draw ruining both cells. Now my flashlight sits on death row…Tip: make the flashlights larger and use the 3300 mAh batteries excusively, preferable 2 in series, not parallel. I do not mind paying more for a properly designed power supply, which the 1600 light did not have. I will buy from you again.

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