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UNI-BRKT – Universal Handlebar Bracket (31.8mm)


Replacement – Universal Handlebar Bracket

  • Fits Bars Up To 31.8mm Horizontal & Vertical Adjustable
  • Easily Removes From Bar In Seconds
  • No Tools Needed
  • Compatible: TSL-100, TSL-150, TSL-150+, TSL-200, TSL-250, TSL-250+, TSL-500, TSL-500+, TSL-1500, SL-155, SL-255, USL-155, USL-305, USL-505, TSL-350, TSL-550, TSL-750, TSL-T1000, TSL-LT1000, TSL-1200, TSL-1800, TSL-2500, HL-1.1, & SL-30WP
  • NOT Compatible: SL-200, SL40WP, TSL-500M, TSL-500R/RW, TSL-750M, TSL-750R/RW, TSL-1000M, TSL-1000R/RW

Please refer to our Bar Fitment Guide for adjustment recommendations.

Improper installation resulting in over tightening will cause premature micro-tearing, excessive stress and wear, damage, and/or breakage of the rubber strap.

It is advised prolonged exposure to sunlight and adverse temperatures over time can negatively impact the life of the rubber strap. It is recommended to remove both light and mount when not in use to be stored indoors.


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12 reviews for UNI-BRKT – Universal Handlebar Bracket (31.8mm)

  1. Ivan Lopez

    This bracket has been an excellent addition to my Serfas True 950F and 450F front lights. Both of these lights are outstanding for commutes and rides. However, one thing that I kept noticing from these lights was how they would vibrate and become off-centered during rougher roads due to the mount that they come with. After using this mount, I noticed that there is no more shaking and additional movements coming from the lights. This mount allows for the lights to excel even more by guaranteeing that they will be pointing straight ahead, regardless of the vibrations coming from the bike. The fact that the mount is compatible with so many Serfas lights makes this an item to consider when purchasing Serfas lights. Additionally, the mount fits many bar sizes, so if you have a bike, and have some awesome Serfas lights, consider getting this mount! I would recommend this to everyone. Safe ride!

  2. Rharris

    Agreed, the light is amazing… the bracket broke in about a month. The rubber compound splits at the pin. Would be great if a new bracket, which was compatible with light was developed.

    • Serfas

      Hi Rharris, Thank you for reaching out to us, we are sorry to hear about the condition of the light bracket and for the inconvenience. If you have not done so already, please contact our Warranty Department via email at warranty@serfas.com or call 623-888-5841. – The Serfas Team

  3. Greg Buhrow

    Love the light bu it appears many people have the same problem I have, the rubber splits at the pin and renders this bracket unusable.

    I don’t care about warranty but I do want to get the correct size.

    The two sizes listed are 31.5 mm and 35 mm. What is that measuring?

    The circumference of my handlebars is 4.25 inches or 108 mm. If I calculate the diameter (circumference/pi) then I get 34.38. Is that the measurement?

    Let me know so I can order ASAP, it broke while on a ride the other night and I had to hold the light for over 20 miles.

    • Serfas

      Hi Greg, We are sorry to hear about your light mount! The 31.5mm and 35mm measurements identify the diameter handlebar tubing a particular mount is intended for. Please also refer to the headlight compatibility list on the item pages to make sure the mount will work with your light. We are always happy to help! Our friendly Warranty Department will gladly answer any questions you may have, please contact us at Warranty@Serfas.com or call 623.888.5841. – The Serfas Team

  4. Karena

    As previous reviews, the light is great but the mount broke at the pin. I have had this about 2 years, but I would like to carry on using it, can a spare mount be purchased?

    • Serfas

      Hi Karena, A replacement Universal Handlebar Bracket (UNI-BRKT / 713835032503) may be purchased by adding the bracket on this page to your cart and continuing the checkout process. If you would like additional assistance please call our Warranty Department at 623.888.5841 to help guide you through your replacement part purchase. Thank you – The Serfas Team

  5. CGChoi

    Great product but after 6mths use just like the comment from RHarris the rubber tore apart and clip piece got lost. Do you have businesses here in Singapore that sells just this part?

  6. Robert Warner

    Light is great but the same problem with the rubber. Have had 2 go now. Last one I bought was June 29, 2017. The rubber has many cracks in it and it broke recently.

  7. Lars

    Same problem as everyone else. Rubber severed at the pin. However, unlike so many of the individuals above mine managed to last about 3 years.

  8. Steve Stroud

    Same for me – I’ve gone through the original bracket and now a replacement over 6 years. I’m back to get another! Serfas might consider a design change for what is clearly a weak point in the design.

    On the positive side, my headlight (TSL-500) is still going strong after all this time, even with almost daily use – other than replacing the battery it has been a real champ!

  9. Alan Welch

    This is a good overall design, I agree. It is very functional and the light stays well positioned. However, the rubber strap broke at the pin (like many others here have mentioned). In my case, this occurred after only 16 months. The ribbed portion of the rubber strap is also full of surface cracks. The rubber strap material at the break appears to be somewhat brittle. I was wondering about possible sun damage (UV) to the rubber despite the fact that I keep the bike stored indoors.

  10. Matt

    I like the light but the mount failed. As reported by others, the strap tore free of the pin holding the buckle. Unfortunately mine only lasted just over three months. This seems like a major design flaw. I reached out to the warranty department and was sent a link to this page. So, before purchasing my new mount I decided to echo so many other posts.

  11. Richard Morris

    I have the e-lume 1500 which is a good, powerful light. There appear to be two weak points. Neither are about the actual performance of the light but instead are parts that wear out.

    The first is the small rubber plug on the underside of the light which covers the charging port. The rubber plug has a flap on it allowing you to pull it up. However, this flap is rather thin and not strong enough to last very long before it comes off. Now, pulling the plug up is made harder as there is nothing attached to it to hold, in order to pull it up.

    The second weak point, as many have already mentioned is the rubber strap which is part of of the mount. The rubber strap broke at the pin. The rubber is cracked as others’ have reported.

  12. Dave

    I purchased 3 lights about 18 months ago. e-lume 1600 and 2x e-lume 500. Lights are excellent but all rubber straps broke within 12 months. (and are covered in tears and cracks) One bike does mild trail-riding but the other 2 have just had minimal road use. Straps were not over-tightened and one strap was on a bike which has been outdoors only once since purchase of light! Really nice lights but I’m not going to purchase replacement straps as I don’t want to risk losing one of my lights (especially the e-lume 1600) when the new straps inevitably fail. As lights are out of warranty, I’ll try modifying the mounts to create a stronger, usable solution. Would certainly be a 5 star review if not for short-lived straps.

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