MTB Trail Etiquette Basics

Follow these 5 basic trail etiquette guidelines to get the most out of your ride and to do your part to help make sure trails stay open and everyone can enjoy them equally.

1. Ride Open Trails

Abide all trail rules, regulations, and closures, and only ride open trails.
Don’t trespass over private property or ride on federal or state protected
lands, it’s against the law.

2. Leave No Trace

Wet muddy trails are prone to accelerated damage, pick your path and
ride where it’s most dry. Stick to existing trails and don’t cut switchbacks.

3. Control Your Bike

Avoid riding faster than what you are comfortable doing, stay within your
limits. Always be alert of your surroundings and anticipate obstacles and
be cautious of blind corners.

4. Share The Trail – Yielding

Everyone wants to have a good time out and enjoy the trail. Be a
courteous rider and yield appropriately to others. Alert non-riders with a
friendly greeting and speak your intentions indicating where you intend
to safely pass. Respect other riders and yield to anyone traveling uphill.

5. Respect The Environment

Pack in, pack out. Always pick up after yourself and take any trash with
you to dispose of later, there’s nothing worse than trying to enjoy a nice
trail littered with someone else’s trash blowing around. Enjoy all the wild-
life you can, but be respectful towards animals and plant life.

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