SECA Pro 28c Review

Seca-Pro Review

SECA Pro 28c Review

SECA Pro 28c Review by Aaron Gerth, Brand Ambassador

Another off road adventure on my road bike. The Seca Pro 28c tires took me down some roads that kind of pushed a skinny road bike tire to its limits and the @serfas_inc Seca Pro tires performed admirably.

As you can see the road got rocky so I had to slow my speed and the road had deep sand sections that killed my speed. Read walking time! After 2 miles of this I was able to get back on a hard packed smoother surface and was able to resume my normal speeds. I gave the tires a quick inspection expecting to see a cut but there was nothing. No flats, no cuts. These tires are ultra durable and provide a great ride. I recommend trying some Seca Pro tires in a 28 if they fit on your bike. Thanks again @serfas_inc #roadbike #serfas#serfasbrandambassador @ Mentone, California

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