Micro USB Cable Charger (See Compatibility List)


Replacement Part – Micro USB Cable Charger

  • Micro USB Cable Used For Charging Models: TSL-350, TSL-550, TSL-750, USL-155, USL-305, USL-505, USL-TL80, USL-1500, USL-1100, USL-850, USL-600, USL-450, USL-200, TSL-950F, TSL-700F, TSL-450F, TBT-120F, USL-4BK, USL-10, UTLA-8, USLA-TL60, USLA-8, TST-150, TST-100, TST-70, TBT-50R, UTL-60, UTL-30, UTL-15, UTL-4BK, UTL-10, TSC-3, TSC-2, TSC-1, CP-R13, CP-R12, CP-R11, TBC-1, CP-R6, CP-R10, USM-350, USM-600, USM-1000, USM-1750, ESM-350, ESM-600

ATTENTION CONSUMERS – Please indicate the model of Serfas® light you intend to use with this cable during Checkout in the, Order notes/Purchase Order Number, box. This information will be used to ensure the charging receptacle on your specific light body is compatible with the molded end-profile of the Micro USB cable you are getting, thank you.

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