TVALVE – Air Force T1/T2/T3 Floor Pump Valve



Quick Overview

Replacement Valve For Air Force T1/T2/T3 Floor Pumps:

  • Material: Injection Molded Polymer
  • Size: 9.4mm Overall Depth, 16.2mm Flange Diameter, 12.6mm Plug Diameter
  • Color: Gray
  • Quantity: (1)

For Reference, Links Below To View Pumps:

FP-T1 Air Force Tier One Floor Pump

FP-T2 Air Force Tier Two Floor Pump

FP-T3 Air Force Tier Three Floor Pump

Removal: Grasp TVALVECAP body (gray cap marked PRESTA and SCHRADER) with thumb and forefinger. Rotate counterclockwise until separated from threaded head nozzle. TVALVE is located between the cap and head. Upon disassembly TVALVE may be found loosely seated within the removed TVALVECAP or on the threaded head nozzle.

Installation: Insert smaller plug end of replacement TVALVE into head nozzle, flange side out and flush with end of threaded nozzle. Grasp TVALVECAP body with thumb and forefinger and rotate clockwise back onto pump head.

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