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TLV-2i Inflator Levers


Tire Lever/CO2 Inflator Head In One

(1) CO2 Inflator Head Lever – (2) Levers w/ Spoke Hooks

Convenient Stacking Design For Organized Storage

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  • (1) Tire Lever w/ Built-In CO2 Inflator (Presta and Schrader Compatible)
  • (2) Tire Levers w/ Built-In Spoke Hooks
  • Nesting Design For Convenient Organized Storage


  • Number of Tools: 2
  • Weight: 38 Grams
  • CO2 Lever Length: 5 1/4″
  • Lever Length: 4 1/2″

90 Day Warranty
Serfas® Tools are covered by our 90 Day Warranty which guarantees a product free of defects in material and/or workmanship up to 90 days after purchase. This warranty does not apply to damage due to heat, environmental factors, misuse, or negligence. Product registration is required.

2 reviews for TLV-2i Inflator Levers

  1. Scott

    Love this tool. The lever works as a handle for the inflator. Plus, I never lose the lever or the inflator.

  2. Ralph Morris

    Can not figure out CO2 inflator. No instructions available

    • Serfas

      Hi Ralph, We do apologize for lack of accompanied product instruction. The anodized blue threaded side of the inflator tool head labeled Presta/Schrader screws onto the valve stem of the tire you’re filling via its rotating barrel, once securely attached you next thread into the opposing threaded side labeled Open/Close a new threaded CO2 cartridge (clockwise = Close, counter-clockwise = Open) – “Close” is the inflate position, “Open” stops inflation. If you look inside the head of the Open/Close side of the tool where the CO2 inserts you’ll see a pin, this is what punctures the cartridge tip and enables inflation. We hope you find this information useful, if you would like further assistance please feel free to reach out to us at warranty@seras.com or call us at 623.888.5841. We appreciate you reaching out and thank you for your honest feedback. – The Serfas Team

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