TLV-2i Inflator Levers


SKU: TLV-2I / 713835034002

Quick Overview

Tire Lever/CO2 Inflator Head In One

(1) CO2 Inflator Head Lever – (2) Levers w/ Spoke Hooks

Convenient Stacking Design For Organized Storage

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  • (1) Tire Lever w/ Built-In CO2 Inflator (Presta and Schrader Compatible)
  • (2) Tire Levers w/ Built-In Spoke Hooks
  • Nesting Design For Convenient Organized Storage


  • Number of Tools: 2
  • Weight: 38 Grams
  • CO2 Lever Length: 5 1/4″
  • Lever Length: 4 1/2″

1 review for TLV-2i Inflator Levers

  1. Scott

    Love this tool. The lever works as a handle for the inflator. Plus, I never lose the lever or the inflator.

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