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STK SECA RS Road Folding


Serfas© SECA RS Folding Tires Are A Lightweight Supple Road Training Tire

Performance That Punches Above Its Price Point

Often Compared To Rivals Offerings Costing At Least Twice As Much


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30 Day Warranty
Serfas® Tires are covered by our 30 Day Warranty which guarantees a product free of defects in material and/or workmanship up to 30 days after purchase. This warranty does not apply to damage due to heat, environmental factors, misuse, or negligence. *Tire purchase must be from authorized Serfas® retailer for eligibility.


  • Road FPS
  • Lightweight Training Tire
  • 120 TPI Produces A Supple Ride
  • 68a Durometer Center Ridge For Long Life and 58a Durometer Sides For Enhanced Cornering Grip
  • Dual Density Tread


  • Bead: Folding
  • TPI: 120
  • Size:
    • 700 x 23
    • 700 x 25
  • Pressure: 130 PSI
  • Weight:
    • (23) 210g
    • (25) 220g

Operating Instructions

26 reviews for STK SECA RS Road Folding

  1. John

    I bought a set and rode them for the summer/fall of 2011, 750 to 1,000 miles of fun/fitness riding. They roll well, corner well, and wear well (little sign of wear now, so I figure they’re good for next year). Only one flat, just last week, which I’m pretty sure was a small, sharp stone. I felt the bike jump twice as each wheel went over it, and the rear went flat. Thanks to the folding bead, I was able to remove the tire without levers, change the tube, and get back on my way. I just bought a second bike, and will be buying these tires for that bike as well.

  2. Jack S

    Started with a set of the Secas this spring intended to be a crit training/race tire. Wound up using them the entire season on road training rides and races. Never flated, good cornering grip, wore great. Super value so far. Beat out a set of gatorskins. Give em a try, I know i’ll be getting another set. And they look pretty cool in blue.

  3. Mike L

    I have been riding on these tires now for over 3 years. I typically get over 2k miles per tire. For the price can’t be beat. I run about 110 psi or less. I’m just amazed at the mileage and FPS they have. Stick in the corners. Great Tires.

  4. Tim Lewis

    I use the 28 Seca on the rear and a 25 on the front for training. I put a _bunch_ of miles on these tires. I use the bigger tires for training because I can run them at lower pressures and they ride great. I run 23’s at 90 psi front / 100 psi rear. With the 25/28 combo, I run 80 psi in both. I’ve never gotten a pinch flat. In fact, at the lower pressures, I hardly get any flats at all (knock on wood).

    Grip is good, ride is good, they wear well, they don’t flat often, and the price is right. It’s hard to ask much more from a training tire. If there’s any compromise, I’d say these give up a bit in rolling resistance to a true race tire. That’s why they make the Seca Comp.

  5. macchaddy

    Just purchased and these are a great tire for the money. Good investment!

  6. Paul

    These tires stand up to the challenge of lots of miles on rougher (chip sealed) roads. I have ridden a set for about 1000 miles and no flats. I run about 110psi and they ride great!!!

  7. Bob M

    I purchased these tiers in January of 2011 from my local shop to be used on a set of DT Swiss wheels for training. The price was half of what I normally spend for a set of tiers and after 1000 miles of training on them I was amazed. The quality for the price and I have had no flats plus the traction is spectacular. I have also used them for some training crits. If you are looking to save some money and get a awesome race/training tire, then this is it.

  8. shawn

    We have a lot of chip seal roads around here. This tire is up to the challenge every time. It is lightweight and has a better feel on the road than tires I have spent twice the money on. It is long wearing and durable also.

  9. Frank

    Can’t say enough good stuff about this tire-Great flat protection, easy to mount/dismount, good ride quality. Hard to beat at this price!

  10. Stephen Shafer

    These tires have been great since I got them! I have been through three sets so far and they have all lasted very long! This is a good buy for an all around race/train tire. And the flat protetion is great to.

  11. Paul Futter

    Actually from NZ

    Best tyre I have ever owned. Great roll and very slow wear.

  12. Michael

    These tires are very good tires. The strength and durability is amazing, and they last a very long time. I have gotten very little flats with the Flat Protection System, and this is a very good product overall, and I would recommend it to any cyclist looking for a tire they can trust.

  13. Colin

    We put some hard miles on these tires with out any problems, very impressed with the handling, and durability of the secas. Very reasonably priced for what you get…..

  14. Charlie

    Just put these on, but after a 23 mile ride they seem to be living up to their great reputation. Great grip, light weight, easy to take on and off. I can’t wait to put many more miles on them this fall and winter. Thank God for California weather year round.

  15. Dennis Gellatly

    Put a pair of these on in early October 2012 after having used GP4000s for some years. Very happy with the ride and grip by comparison. My only annoyance is a markedly increased rate of punctures, 1 – 2 per fortnight compared with 1 -2 per 6 months on the 4000s’, going through tubes at an alarming rate. However ease of getting tyres on and off rim without tools is great. Improve the puncture resistance and this tyre is a hands down winner.

  16. Steve

    Based on how inexpensive these tires are, you can’t beat them. I bought mine slightly used, with a few hundred miles judging by the wear. I’ve been using them for about the same, as my main way to get around. They’re very light and roll fast, far better than any other tire in the price range, but still have plenty of grip, in dry conditions at least. I’ve only had one flat since i put them on, and it was due to a centimeter long shard of metal. Other than that, I’ve ridden these tires through gravel, gravel on pavement, and all other nasty conditions without a problem. I would replace my current tires with these again in a heartbeat.

  17. Don W.

    Installed a set of these on my Specialized Allez and they ride superb. I had one tire that got a split along the side but believe it was a factory defect. The dealer replaced it as it was still under warranty and I haven’t had a problem since. They are most puncture resistant when you keep 120 psi or above in them. I have yet to get a flat since keeping them inflated this tight and we have many goat heads on the roads in these parts. I plan on installing another pair on my other bike.

  18. Chris Hutchinson

    Fantastic flat protection and fast rolling. Easy to mount without tire tool. These tires have exceeded my expectations.

  19. Carin

    As a beginner, I had out of the box tires on my Specialized Secteur thought this is what I would expect out of tires. Picked up piece of glass and were replaced with STK-RS…what a difference in the ride!

  20. Tim

    I picked these tires up to replace a set of Continental GP 4000’s that I was not at all happy with due to punctures. I was a little skeptical due to the low price but decided to give them a try. After a short, high intensity ride I have to say I’m impressed. The road feel is fantastic. The cornering grip is superb and they roll easily. Highly recommended!

  21. Mark Feeney

    These tires have been awesome! They provide ample grip while descending and provide plenty of traction on the uphill too. All round they are great value at an unbeatable price.

  22. Paul Brindley

    Fantastic tyres, and even better customer service.

    Now to quantify that statement.

    For the 2015 100 Mile Paris- Roubaix sportive I purchased a 28mm pair of these tyres and a pair of Conti gatorskins.

    The Contis I new all about, the Secas I had only read about. After a few trials of fitting them to my Mavic rims i decided upon going with these tyres purely because they were a lot easier to fit and get up to pressure on the side of the road than the contis.

    This might sound trivial but if the rain is lashing down and your hands are freezing the last thing you want to do is fight with a tyre and a rim.

    On the day these things were fantastic and never missed a beat even after 27 cobbled sections of the 100 mile route. They roll so much smoother than they should and they definitely grip even though it looks like they have no real tread. And best of all not one puncture.

    Since the event these same tyres have kept on surprising me. They are fitted to my cross bike and been used to ride across Dartmoor in the MUD and ROCKS during the Summer.

    Now for the only slight negative. You just really struggle get them in the UK.

    I decided i had to have another new pair for the 2016 P-R ride so contacted the company direct and THIS BIT IS REALLY WORLD CLASS.

    Between the customer service folk and the UK distributor they shipped out a pair direct to me.

    Now that is what you call Customer care. And no they did not cost me anymore than if I had got them from somebody who had them in stock in the UK.

    Sorry to go on a bit folks but you just don’t get that type of service very often nowadays.

    Fantastic tyre and very special Folks.

  23. Chris tierno

    These Tires are AWESOME ! I have been running them for about 10 years, and I absolutely love them, have used a few other brands here and there, but these are hands down the absolute best. They are fast and smooth rolling, have incredible grip in the wet, and corner like it’s on rails. They also wear quite well for such a grippy tire. There is really no reason to use anything else. I have run both 23 and 25c tires. Our roads in the Northeast are horrible, pot holes , cracks, just falling apart. These tires have the durability to get me safely through rides without a problem. All weather performance is the best I have experienced. it is amazing that a tire can be soo smooth and grip so well, yet still being durable and reliable and be the same tire. Thank you SERFAS !

    • Serfas

      Hi Chris, We’re super pumped to hear about your great experiences and loyalty to riding Serfas SECAs for ten years! Ride on and cheers to another ten more! – The Serfas Team

  24. Lynn Reber

    My bike mechanic sold me my first Seca’s in the mid 90’s when Conti prices started going through the roof. I’ve been running them since. Great tires and tough as nails!

    • Serfas

      Hi Lynn, We are pleased to hear our SECA’s have been working great for you since the 90’s, wow! Era of the Beanie Baby, POGs, and Tamagotchis oh my! We greatly appreciate you as a long time customer and hope to continue innovating and providing quality products for our loyal customers such as yourself! We thank you again for the feedback and enjoy your rides! – The Serfas Team

  25. AaronG

    I have SECA RS in a 23c on my training wheels and SECA RS in a 28c mounted to my carbon wheels. I choose to run the 28s 99% of the time. I love the smooth ride of the wider tire. Love the Flat Proof System that keeps flats to a minimum on the glass and goat heads that line SoCal streets. Tire seems super durable for the gravel/dirt/pavement rides that I put these tires through. Great tire, low price!!

    • Serfas

      Hi Aaron, Great to hear the SECAs are working so well for you and have been standing up to the punishing SoCal streets! Thanks for the feedback and ride on! – The Serfas Team

  26. Juan Carlos Moreno

    I have a pair of SECA RS and Im fully glad of this well design and durable product. Im from Mexico City. Im very satisfied with Serfas brand. I will by more products from you guys.

    • Serfas

      Juan, Thank you for sharing your positive experience riding our SECA RS series tires, we’re glad to hear how happy you are with their performance and appreciate you choosing us! Thank you again – The Serfas Team

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