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Drifter City CTR


Serfas© Most Popular & Best Selling Tire

Serfas® Drifters Give You The Confidence And Freedom To Ride Almost Any Environment

Fast Rolling Inverted Tread Pattern

Durable Construction With Reliable Flat Protection System

Capable Dual Density Tread Provides Speed And Grip Across Various Surfaces

30 Day Warranty
Serfas® Tires are covered by our 30 Day Warranty which guarantees a product free of defects in material and/or workmanship up to 30 days after purchase. This warranty does not apply to damage due to heat, environmental factors, misuse, or negligence. *Tire purchase must be from authorized Serfas® retailer for eligibility.


  • Multi Sport FPS Flat Protection System
  • Inverted Tread Design Reduces Rolling Resistance Enabling Greater Straightline Speeds
  • 68a Durometer Center Tread / 58a Sides For Enhanced Cornering
  • Reflective Sidewall Options (CTRREF, CTR-1.5REF)


  • Bead: Wire
  • Size and Weight:
    • 20 x 2.2 – 654g
    • 24 x 2.5 – 838g
    • 26 x 1.5 – 540g
    • 26 x 2.0 – 830g
    • 700 x 32 – 530g
    • 27.5 x 1.5 – 568g
    • 27.5 x 2.0 – 852g
    • 29 x 2.0 – 932g
  • Pressure:
    • 65 PSI
    • 29 x 2.0 – 60 PSI
    • 700 x 32c – 80 PSI

Disclaimer: Tube Must Be Used Inside of Tire

32 reviews for Drifter City CTR

  1. johhny

    Great tire, rolls fast and plenty of traction on hard pack trails. Highly recoment this tire for the money.

  2. BV

    I just got these in 26 X 1.5 and love them!! They roll way better than knobby’s and on dirt trails I haven’t lost traction and they’re much quieter. Doing a Duathalon soon so I know my bike time will be faster.””,1,,,5
    4237,,chris,NULL,,6/1/2010 0:00,6/1/2010 0:00,got a pair of these on my hardtail. it’s my daily rider and these are great! much quieter than offroad patterns and still good traction. I just wish i had gotten the 26×1.5 instead of 2 but its all they had.”””

  3. LISA


  4. gnarly

    these tires are awesome. i got 2inch and they are phat. pumped up to the max they are just as fast norm slicks, tougher and better off road than boring slicks. i treat them mean and never had a puncture. you will always get comments from other riders when you have them on your bike. buy them!

  5. Snellemin

    Nice fat tire that looks good and rides well. I actually gained 1 extra mile per hour on my Ebike making it 27mph. So very low rolling resistance.

  6. Von Petrol

    I rode from California to Colorado and even did the Kokopelli’s Trail and no flats in 1300 miles. Great bang for the buck 29’er tire.

  7. Ron

    These are the best tires made. I have two bikes that I use about equally. One bike used up two sets of tires and gave me all my tire problems, while the other, with Serfas Drifters showed only slight wear and never had a flat. I bought a second set of Serfas for the other bike and now tire problems are a memory. they seem like they’ll last forever.

  8. Jerry

    Really great tires. I ride 3 bikes, and different tires on all. These are the only ones I have not had a flat on this year. Very impressive. Rolling resistance is minimal. Grip is good, wet surface handling is confident and secure and quiet as well. I use the 26×2.0 size. I strongly recommend!

  9. nexus6

    I’ve been rocking my 29×2.0″”” for about 4 months now. I ride primarily pavement and some trails”””

  10. minkis

    I got a pair of these from work to replace the trail tires my hardtail came with, they had been sitting in a open air cage for unknown amount of time. I have 2k miles on this set, the back tire still has most of the word Serfas””” on the treads and the front looks like it’s only been there for a day. I’ve had some flats (including a pinch from a unseen curb”””

  11. Bike Cop

    I use a set of these tires in police cycling. With about 1500 miles in the current set, I have half tread left. Stairs, curbs, light snow, and other obstacles have been navigated with no problem. Off road, heavy gravel, and some multi-surfaces are a bit more challenging. Extreme grade, down hill on turf was not a pleasant experience (couldn’t stop – even with rear wheel locked up).

    The decreased rolling resistance of the tread design translates to increased speed when it’s needed and aids with slow speed precision movements as well. Considering the extreme demands placed on equipment used in public safety cycling, I think these tires performed well above average. When the time comes, I’ll put them on again and will install them on my personal mountain bike as well.

  12. dave

    this tire last forever.. rides good i feel faster

  13. Sam

    Needed some new tires for my Gary Fisher mountain bike and wanted something less aggressive that what came on it, after talking to a salesman at the bike shop he sold me on these. He assured me that these where what I was wanting based on by expectations of my new tires, so I bought them. The only bad part was that I went in there looking for only brake pads but decided some tires were needed too. So I left there and but them on and rode around in the rain and noticed a huge difference! Wow! Will definitely be recommending these tires to all of my friends.

  14. Ferren

    Awesome tire. I swapped them out from my knobby tires and they’ve made all the difference on the road. I have had them for over a year now and they look like new still. The writing on the sidewall hasn’t faded at all. Great tire for the money.

  15. Kevin

    I built a moped on a brand new bicycle. With the extra power from the engine, the original tire lasted 200 miles before it started to show threads. I replaced it with a serfas drifter tire and after putting on another 1100 miles I can still faintly read the serfas” logo in the tread. I can only imagine how long this tire would last on a human-powered bicycle.”””

  16. carney

    I ride mostly rail-to-trails and other paved trails. My bike is a Trek Mamba that came with the stock tires, but I found that they were noisy and seemed to have a lot of rolling resistance. My local bike shop, Competitive Gear recommended these tires. I ride a paved trail, nightly around the Lake Erie Peninsula state park and measure my time and distance using my Iphone4 and a bike App. I found that these tires, knocked off my best time by 6 minutes and that was in a strong headwind that day. I am very satisfied and highly recommend them to other 29er’s who have similar riding habits. They have made my daily rides so much more enjoyable!

  17. Ben

    i installed a pair of these tires on my bike back at the beginning of July last summer, and I have taken them into places where most tires would fail. I have literally coated both tires with goatheads thorns and never lost any air pressure what so ever. Highly recommend these tires for the desert riding enviroment.

  18. Mark Youngdale

    Awesome tire for commuting: great price and bulletproof. I have used these tires on both my 26r and my 29r. They do not show much wear after 4+ years of commuting and as of yet, I have never had a flat. Great rolling resistance for use of the road and some off road. Plan to keep using them for everyday purposes.

  19. Thomas Fiske

    I have had the Serfas Drifter tires of for over 8 years, I am finally getting a new pair for my 21 speed GT Talera. LOVE these tires. It helps to rotate them to have them last longer.

  20. patrick stangis

    The right tire will make any bike fun, these tires do that.

  21. Steve

    Perfect commuter tyre. I’ve had the drifter 29×2 on my daily commuter for 12 months now and in that time I’ve only had three flats. Previously on the maxxis ignitor tyres that came with the bike I used to get one or two flats a week.

    Surprisingly easy to get on and off the rim too, considering how stiff the sidewalls are.

    The only negative is the weight, they are extremely heavy, but on a commuter this is not really an issue.

  22. Jeff

    Perfect mountain bike tire for road, then trail and back to road, all in one ride. Handles all with low rolling resistance and traction when needed!

  23. Steve Heppermann

    My second season on these tires.Had about 700miles on the tires before we hit the GAP and C and O tow path. No flats ever. Only wiped out once on some slimy pavement mostly operator error. 300 miles on gravel and thru mud great tires.29×2

  24. Smithk355

    Howdy! This article could not be written any better! Looking at this post reminds me of my previous roommate! He constantly kept preaching about this. I’ll send this information to him. Fairly certain he’s going to have a good read. Thanks for sharing! gfedcdbdkaefbdgc

  25. Phil

    I bought these tires on the recommendation of the local Specialized dealer, as I was looking for a faster tire for my daily commute across Sydney (~20km/12 miles) on my 29er MTB. After about a month and a half of use, I am really happy with their performance – no flats, excellent handling in all sorts of conditions and about 2km/hr faster due to the lower rolling resistance. I even took them out on the trails last weekend and they handled it without skipping a beat.

  26. Larry Maddy

    Great tires ! Put these on my TCX in July and haven’t had a flat after 1400 miles and they hardly show any wear. Absolutely happy with the performance, Will definitely replace with these when my current set wears out , whenever that occurs.

  27. Mike M

    Was looking for something to convert my Trek Marlin 6 29er to make it more “commuter firendly” and glad I found these. Just put these on last night for a commute to work (12 miles) and wow! What a difference! Rode into work today and shaved 2 minutes off my time and felt less tired. Yet to see how they do on the trails, but can’t be happier with my first run on these.

  28. Neil Bolton

    It is a great tyre!

    I commute on an old hardtail Mountain Bike and I found myself on the road and streets more than on the gravel track so I bought these tyres so that I would go faster on the flats. They do a fantastic job.
    You save a lot of energy with these tyres even on the gravel tracks because of its stiffness along the ridge of the tyre. The result is a less sweaty person at the other end of the commute.
    The only compromise from a more traditional MTB tyre is that you cant corner too quick on a gravel or dirt track but you can ride on those terrains if youre careful.

  29. Motozoic

    Good tire for dual purpose off-road/gravel and on-road performance. Extremely durable and long lasting in the southern Arizona heat. I’m running the 29×2.0″ tires and not a complaint here. Converted bike to e-bike using mid drive motor kit and these tires really come alive here. 30 mph down the street and handle excellent.

  30. Marcelo Luis

    I got a pair last september and I’ve used (and abused) this tires on the rough and almost destroyed streets of Mexico and they last forever.
    The Serfas stamp in the rubber is still visible.
    The front tire shows minor cracks on the surface and I was scared for the integrity on the wheel but I inspected it inside and the tire will last more time.
    Surely I’ll buy them again in the future.

    • Serfas

      Hi Marcelo, Awesome! Glad to hear the Drifters are performing so well for you and that you intend to make them your go-to choice to ride. We appreciate your feedback and thank you for choosing us. Happy riding! – The Serfas Team


    I have been touring & commuting on the Drifter 2.0 for at least 21 years now, first 26″ & now 29″ tires, rarely a flat & they last for an easy 3500 miles!
    I really hope Serfas never stops making this tire!!!

  32. John Russell

    City rider since 1989: best tire for mixed use I’ve ever used. They feel fat yet roll fast.

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