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VAR-1 Variant 1 Adjustable Flex Ti Rails


Includes 5 interchangeable compression inserts.

Patented technology to personalize the flex and ride of your saddle.

Titanium Rails.

The Serfas® Variant is a truly unique saddle that takes seat customization and overall comfort to a new level. Both the Variant 1 & Variant 2 come with five compression inserts that are user adjustable allowing the saddles to flex at varying rates. Based on your preference you can fine tune the Variant making it the most customizable and comfortable performance saddle on the market.

Features super lightweight Titanium rails, pressure eliminating channel design, adjustable flex base w/ five inserts, and waterproof anti-microbial microfiber cover.

90 Day Comfort Guarantee
We understand finding the perfect saddle can be tough, which is why every Serfas® saddle sold is backed by our 90-Day Comfort and Satisfaction Guarantee

Limited Lifetime Warranty
We stand behind our products and are committed to providing the high quality all of our customers deserve which is why Serfas® warrants to the original purchaser of a saddle that the product is free from defects in materials and workmanship for the lifetime of the product. (See details)


  • Race Performance
  • Adjustable Flex Base
  • Pressure Eliminating Channel
  • Quick Change System
  • Race Foam Construction
  • Titanium Rails
  • Cover: Waterproof, Anti-Microbial Microfiber
  • Length: 272mm
  • Width: 145mm, 155mm
  • Weight: (145mm) 212 Grams, (155mm) 238 Grams

11 reviews for VAR-1 Variant 1 Adjustable Flex Ti Rails

  1. Jason Clark

    Looking for a new way to fine tune your ride? The Variant saddle allows you to do just that. I have been putting in time on the Variant 1 saddle. Its unique design allows the Variant to change shape around a pivot that connects the shell to the rails. You change the saddle shape by placing one of the five elastomers in between the shell and the rails just behind the pivot. Thus increasing or decreasing the amount of curvature in the saddle. The saddle also has a nice channel down the center which provides relief.

    With 5 elastomers to choose from the initial set up requires a bit of tinkering. For me this was an initial two hour ride on roads I know well. I started with the firm elastomer and rode until I had a good feel for the saddles shape. I then went to the soft elastomer to feel the contrast between the two extremes. It was remarkably different from the firm. Next was the medium firm, then medium soft, then medium. Every change in elastomer yielded a different feel and saddle shape. It was easy to tell which ones worked best for me. And this initial ride led me to the two elastomers that I liked best.

    I then rode each of my choices on my next two longer rides. This helped me make my final choice. I then settling on my favorite elastomer and now have over 600 miles on the saddle. It has quickly become a favorite of mine on the road.

    Keep in mind that the firmness of the elastomers is not related to your rider weight. Rather the elastomer choice is related to your anatomy, riding style and bike fit.

    Be safe out there.

  2. Ivan Lopez

    I’ve had the chance of riding the Variant for the past rides. When it came down to selecting the compression inserts, I found myself using the White and Blue inserts the most, which are the two softest compression inserts.

    These inserts allows the saddle to flex, giving a nice curvature along the length of the saddle. This natural curvature has been a key feature of previous saddles with which I’ve had great luck with and enjoyed greatly for their comfort. Also, riding on rougher roads, these softer compression inserts allow some damping from the saddle which help reduce rider fatigue. This saddle is a true performance saddle. I found the most comfort for myself to be when riding in an aggressive posture.

    I’ve had some issues with the saddle sliding on some of my previous rides. I’ve had to tighten the saddle clamps tighter than I usually do in order to prevent the saddle from sliding. I’ve had no issues with that since. Also, if there would be width selections, I would go with a slightly wider saddle myself.

    Besides these, I’ve had a great experience with the Variant saddle. I would definitely recommend it to those who like riding in all types of roads and want a saddle that will keep their butts comfy. I’ll be spending some more time with mine! Happy riding!

  3. Joseph

    The VAR-1 is unique saddle it’s like 5 in 1. Before I found my comfort level I tried out all the square inserts, after trying each one my level is (Red) which is medium firm. Please try all the squares before settling on one. The saddle is eye catching for sure. The only thing I wish it has was a bit more padding other then that an all around grrrreat saddle. I would recommend this saddle to any type of rider. I can withstand the elements as well as farm animals. It’s smooth and feels great when in transit.

  4. Jason Bailey

    I set the saddle up to be firm. Most of my rides where indoors on a trainer until recently when the sun came out. The saddle is light, sleek, and comfortable. I have put roughly 20 hours on it and couldn’t be happier.

  5. Vincent Servin

    I got the opportunity to try out the Variant 1 saddle and it has been extremely comfortable from the start. After breaking it in, I began to see even more of the comfort that it offered. This is the type of saddle that can do it all, whether it’s road or off-road, because of the elastomers. At 207g you can race, train or commute. Needles to say that I am more than satisfied with this saddle and would recommend it to everybody.

  6. Aaron Gerth

    I’ve been using the Serfas Variant 1 now since November and have logged some serious miles on it. Longest one day ride so far of 119 miles on the Variant 1 saddle and I must say this is by far the most comfortable saddle out of my three bikes. I elected to go with the blue elastomer at first and have kept the blue elastomer in throughout my use. I like to ride on the nose of the saddle, in a TT position and find the blue elastomer provides enough bump absorption to soften all but the biggest road imperfections.

    The width and the contouring seem to fit my posterior well as I have not had any issues in rides ranging from 20 to 119 miles. I definitely appreciate the deep center channel to provide some much need pressure relief on the longer rides. Saddle is surprisingly light weight with the titanium rails which I appreciate climbing up some of the longer climbs in my area.

    Great job on this saddle Serfas!! I enjoy it and all your other fine products that I use on my bikes!!

  7. Suzanne Hamilton

    I have settled for saddles that have ‘just worked’ for the last 3 years, but when I tested the Variant it made me realize that 4+hr rides can be comfortable! I am very pleased with my first 3 weeks on my Variant. I ride the red spacer for medium stiffness (and am thinking of going harder but liking how it is right now) which offers stable support but comfort on rough Alberta pavement and gravel. I ride my Serfas Variant on my CX bike which has me shifting around all points of the saddle with little to no discomfort or pressure points. I often find myself far forward on the tip on steep climbs which again has been super comfortable. It was really easy to install on my seat mast and looks sharp! A week after I got mine, my co-worker went and got one and has loved it as well! Thanks Serfas! Comfortable and performs.

  8. Terry Tompkins

    I was in my local bike shop looking to replace my current saddle when I came across this gem called the Variant. It was much different from any other saddle I have seen or ridden so I decided to give it a try. Threw it on my road bike and it was a little hard for my liking so I swapped it out for the softer elastomer and I was shocked at how well this saddle worked. I highly recommend this saddle to anyone, you won’t be disappointed!

  9. Erik

    I do not ride much so most of the time every ride is like starting over as far as my saddle comfort goes. I do not like the look of the larger comfort saddles and I wanted something a little sleeker and racier looking so I tried this. I am a larger guy and am over 22o pounds so weight starts to become a concern as well. I decided to try this saddle and I started in the middle of the pack for the elastomers using the orange. I have since then tried the red and now am on the Black. I think I may go back to the red as that was the most comfortable for me. Its a great saddle and I would highly recommend.

  10. Patrick Sasaki

    In the recent past I’ve always seemed to gravitate towards the race saddles, Usually Italian, carbon rails, weight-weenie blah-blah.. Since my rides are usually under 75mi I can get away with it- ok, I admit from time to time I’d get a little numb down there.. not often, just sometimes-

    I had the chance to try the Variant saddle and was really surprised how comfortable and the ease of that broken-in” feeling I had with the saddle- I was riding for a longer period of time and not noticing a thing. It is funny”

  11. Matt

    I played around with the elastomers, settled on the white for MTB, and orange for road. No more tingling at the end of a long ride. High quality. I am rough on my parts, and this is holding up well.

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