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MH-RX Performance RX Saddle w/ Anti-Microbial Microfiber Cover


Serfas® RX Saddles are designed to maintain maximum blood flow and reduce numbness while providing the best protection and performance on the market.


  • Narrow Design Ideal for Endurance
  • Twin Bar Design
  • Chromoly Rails
  • Waterproof / Anti-Microbial Microfiber Cover
  • Length: 265mm
  • Width: 160mm
  • Weight: 408 Grams

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90 Day Comfort Guarantee
We understand finding the perfect saddle can be tough, which is why every Serfas® saddle sold is backed by our 90-Day Comfort and Satisfaction Guarantee

Limited Lifetime Warranty
We stand behind our products and are committed to providing the high quality all of our customers deserve which is why Serfas® warrants to the original purchaser of a saddle that the product is free from defects in materials and workmanship for the lifetime of the product. (See details)



Say goodbye to riding pains forever. Our RX line of saddles is the ideal choice to eliminate uncomfortable pressure and numbness around your sensitive plumbing by utilizing our clinically proven designs.

All Serfas® RX saddles incorporate anatomic-centered design and technologies to provide the best in comfort and protection so you can ride greater distances and for a longer amount of time.

  • Pressure Eliminating Channel

A deep anatomic channel through the center of the saddle allows maximum blood flow into the neurovascular bundle for drastically reduced numbness and discomfort.

  • Zero Friction Gel Infused Padding

Gel infused foam provides optimized saddle grip and support while reducing unwanted saddle friction and chaffing.

  • Twin Bar Anatomical Flex

Saddle halves rotate independently with the rider to reduce saddle friction and irritation.

  • Infinite Comfort System (I.C.S.)

ICS mates four unique layers of closed cell foam, gel, and microfiber materials to form a unified system of support and comfort.

  • Dual Density Base

Soft and flexible rubber-like material within the saddle base ensures the rider’s sit bones never contact a hard spot.

  • Pressure Reducing Two-Step System

Raised saddle tail profile helps alleviate pressure on the neurovascular bundle.

  • Four-Way Stretch Lycra®

Four-way stretch Lycra® material moves in all directions and behaves as a second skin thus reducing friction between rider and saddle.

14 reviews for MH-RX Performance RX Saddle w/ Anti-Microbial Microfiber Cover

  1. Longhorn

    I picked up this saddle from the local bike shop to replace the original saddle on my bike. Took it for a 22 mile ride, it was great. Now my butt can outlast my legs.

  2. Anonymous

    I chose this seat as a replacement for the stock seat on a new Madone 5.2. The seat itself is comfortable, providing a nice blend of cushion and support. The central groove is too narrow for me, though, and does eventually result in some pudendal nerve and artery compromise during rides over 20 km. I have had the seat for eight months, and it has been durable and there have been no quality issues.

  3. Stan

    Best seat I’ve owned so far. Very comfortable!

  4. Todd

    Great saddle. Replaced my stock seat. Also tried a Bontrager R. This saddle has held up well and is comfortable. Highly recommend.

  5. Troy Drewitz

    I replaced a stock Cannondale seat on on my Quick CX2 hybrid, I noticed the difference right away, and it only continues to become more comfortable the more I ride. Quality seems very good too.

  6. Yasser Mansour

    I just got this saddle, after using i would say it is great.

    I did 100Km, and it was much more comfortable than the stock saddle.

    I would recommend it, for the long rides.

    But i think if Serfas, can add jel or more jet to the saddle, will be much more comfortable.

  7. Micah Caudle

    I’ve been using this saddle exclusively for years. I use it for endurance mountain bike rides and road rides. It’s a great combo of small size and nice padding. The front is narrow so it doesn’t rub on your thighs. It places your weight right on your sit bones where it is most comfortable. I don’t typically wear bike shorts with a chamois so I get my padding from this saddle. It holds up well under pretty extreme mtn bike abuse too. I’m on my 2nd one in 6 years. The only downside: it’s heavy. But you have to pick your battles! I think it’s worth it.

  8. Chris Madden

    This seat is still working well after 9 years and many thousands of miles of touring, urban assault riding and MTB use on many different bikes. I ride without special bike clothing or chamois so that makes up for the few extra grams this saddle weighs. Without lycra or a chamois I stay cooler and dryer where I’m sitting and don’t need the mess of chamois butter. I usually ride 60 miles a day but have done 90 mile days without any problems with this saddle. My previous old school saddles had caused trouble urinating and numbness while touring but this MH-RX allieviated all those problems to my great delight. This saddle has a flexible nylon framework that actually gives a small amount of suspension and works perfectly with the foam to provide comfort over bumps. My sitbones align perfectly with the blue flexible membranes you can see from underneath the seat. Those membranes are moulded into sitbone cutouts in the nylon frame and flex enough to provide the cushioning I need for my thin bony male senior citizen frame. Mine was the original lycra version but whenever I have to park the bike in the rain I always cover it with a plastic bag. I may buy the newer waterproof microfiber version if I ever wear this one out.

  9. KC

    This is the best saddle, ever. I’ve tried so many and had almost decided to settle for less. My sits bones are happier than ever and so is the rest of my female anatomy. Thank you Serfas!!!

  10. Gabriel Gabrig

    Para os futuros compradores Brasileiros, esse Selim é muito bom, ele não é molengão demais, nem duro demais, já o uso a 1 ano e meio, e só tenho a elogiar, especialmente para pedaladas de longa distância. Único ponto negativo que eu acho ter, é o peso ! Podiam dar um jeitinho nisso também, Serfas!

  11. Ben

    Saddles are something personal of course, I’ve tried many but never could find a better saddle than this one since I’ve bought it 5 years ago, in terms of stiffness it’s just on the sweet spot. This is too rare to find something versatile that is really worth it so I had to share it !

  12. Tamer

    I replaced the stock saddle with this one, and so far it’s an amazing saddle, and I definitely recommend it for the long rides.
    No more sore bottom and no more pain … Thanks a lot, Serfas, for the great product!

  13. Chilly

    The BEST saddle I’ve ever used. I love it so much that I’ve bought one for each of my bikes!

  14. Carter

    Best saddle I have owned. Comfortable from the first ride and it only gets better with some time. For shorter, faster rides i dont even need padded shorts but i do put them on for anything over 20 miles just as a precaution

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