KS-264E Elements® Youth Weatherproof


SKU: KS-264E / 713835020418

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Sun, Sleet, Snow Nothing Stops A Serfas® Elements Saddle.

Launched in 2016, the Reactive Gel® Elements line continues to thrive even when conditions are harshest. Perfect for all weather conditions, the Reactive Gel® Elements Saddles come with a Limited Lifetime Weatherproof Guarantee.

Features Serfas® Deep Groove® Design, progressive foam technology, steel rails, and weatherproof Elements® cover.

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  • Youth Specific Size
  • Deep Groove™ Design For Soft Tissue Protection
  • Progressive Foam Technology
  • Rails: Steel
  • Cover: Weatherproof


  • Length: 236mm
  • Width: 150mm
  • Weight: 358 Grams


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