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EG-8000E E-GEL® Cruiser Elastomer Rear Suspension w/Cutout & Waterproof Soflex Cover


One of our best selling E-Gel® saddles.

Features a friction-free E-GEL® layer designed to behave as a second skin and reduce chafing by moving with the motion of the rider thus reducing uncomfortable friction. Also features Serfas® Deep Groove™ Design central pressure eliminating channel, Dual Density® Base, elastomer rear suspension, heavy duty steel rails, and waterproof Soflex cover.

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The Best Bike Saddles of 2020, Top 14 Product Ratings

“Wide, thick, and ready to absorb jolts on your commutes, this saddle puts comfort above everything else”
“Comfortable, good shock absorption”

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90 Day Comfort Guarantee
We understand finding the perfect saddle can be tough, which is why every Serfas® saddle sold is backed by our 90-Day Comfort and Satisfaction Guarantee

Limited Lifetime Warranty
We stand behind our products and are committed to providing the high quality all of our customers deserve which is why Serfas® warrants to the original purchaser of a saddle that the product is free from defects in materials and workmanship for the lifetime of the product. (See details)

  • Cutout Base For Soft Tissue Relief
  • Dual Density® Base
  • Deep Groove™ Design
  • Elastomer Rear Suspension
  • Friction-Free Gel
  • Rails: Steel
  • Cover: Waterproof Soflex
  • Length: 275mm
  • Width: 213mm
  • Weight: 804 Grams

4 reviews for EG-8000E E-GEL® Cruiser Elastomer Rear Suspension w/Cutout & Waterproof Soflex Cover

  1. wa

    I am an above knee amputee and ride without my prosthetic leg. I’ve tried a lot of different

    seats,but none compare to the comfort of this seat. I ride up to 30 or 40 miles with no discomfort.I highly recommend this product.

  2. Rosy

    I have been using this seat on my Peloton for about a month with no problems. Very comfortable. Would recommend.

  3. Brian

    I just put this seat on my e bike. It made a world of difference! Very comfortable seat. Prior seat caused immediate pain which lasted several days. I’ve been riding two weeks for ten miles a day with no problems with this seat.

  4. Jeff

    I ride a 21 year old Trek Navigator 400 I really love, that came with a large, thick foam stock saddle.

    However, I have never thought it particularly comfortable, finding that after a moderate ride of say 20 miles, my butt is sore, and my testicles numb.

    When it came time to replace it, I was hoping to find something that alleviated these conditions, and thankfully, did!

    Although the Serfas does not feel that comfortable to me while riding, gel being harder than foam, and placed in small projecting hillocks under each cheek, due to the open channel in the middle, I finish my rides now with no residual effects.

    I am “comfort-spoiled” I know, so will never find a truly comfortable bike seat, short of something that is so huge and goofy-looking, I would be embarrassed to be seen on, but the Serfas is probably the best compromise for me, and will likely become more comfortable, as the gel breaks-in, and time goes on.

    The very best thing about it is no more “tingling testicles”, both an odd and disconcerting sensation, lol.

    It’s pretty sleek, too, much more attractive than my stock saddle, and appears to be well-constructed.

    I am happy with my purchase, and would recommend it to anyone, especially guys who experience the same issues as mine, with their current seats.

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