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CR-RXL Twin Bar Design Cruiser RX Comfort w/ Lycra Cover


Serfas® RX Saddles are designed to increase blood flow and alleviate numbness. If you are looking for the best in comfort and protection against perineal discomfort then the Serfas RX is the saddle you want and need.

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90 Day Comfort Guarantee
We understand finding the perfect saddle can be tough, which is why every Serfas® saddle sold is backed by our 90-Day Comfort and Satisfaction Guarantee

Limited Lifetime Warranty
We stand behind our products and are committed to providing the high quality all of our customers deserve which is why Serfas® warrants to the original purchaser of a saddle that the product is free from defects in materials and workmanship for the lifetime of the product. (See details)


  • Twin Bar Design
  • Rails: Steel
  • Cover: Silk-Tech Lycra
  • Length: 270mm
  • Width: 225mm
  • Weight: 724 Grams

5 reviews for CR-RXL Twin Bar Design Cruiser RX Comfort w/ Lycra Cover

  1. KDC1956

    I have this seat and its got to be one of the best seat I have ever had.Its soft on your rear and the cut out in it really helps out a lot.It made riding a joy to ride all day long.

  2. seniorbiker

    After suffering from tailbone pain for over a year, I purchased this saddle. The 90 Day Comfort Guarantee convinced me to try it. I figured I’d be returning it before then. Not a chance! I could feel the difference after one ride, and am totally free of pain after one week of daily riding.

  3. NYBikeRider

    If you feel pain in the perineal area during/after bike rides, this seat will fix the problem. I have owned this seat for about 3 weeks and have used it for several 50+ mile bike rides with no pain whatsoever. Also, this seat may improve your riding style. I have noticed that rather than standing up very often, I am more inclined to stay seated on the comfortable seat and select the proper gears which will give the best mechanical advantage.

  4. Laurie Hausmann

    This seat is awesome. I tried riding with the special seat that came with my new bike, but it left me in pain. Switched to this and instantly I was comfortable and able to enjoy being on my bike. I’ve recommended it to others and can’t imagine riding with any other seat. My local bike shop steered me well!

  5. Andrew Mathis

    ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️If U have SEVERE ENOUGH BACK and NERVE/MUSCLE DAMAGE,This Seat IS THE 1 FOR U!!!!!!!!!! For this 61yrs. young,Legally Handicapped/disabled/crippled X-Marine(without a car)THIS SEAT Is The MOST COMFORTABLE SEAT I EVER SAT ON!!!!!!!!!! WITH ALL MY ❤️,MIND,and SOUL THANK U SERFAS FOR THIS SEAT,AND ALL YOUR PRODUCTS !!!!!!!!!!

    • Serfas

      We love your enthusiasm, Andrew! We’re super pumped to hear how much you are enjoying your Serfas© RX Cruiser! Thank you for your service and we wish you many many many miles of Serfas© comfort. – The Serfas Team

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