BMP-SP Medium Saddle Hybrid Pad (Medium – 247x182mm) w/ Lycra Cover


SKU: BMP-SP / 713835899908

Quick Overview

Serfas® BMP-SP Hybrid Saddle Pad With Simple Figure-8 Design Drawstring Installation and Removal.

Features Deep Groove® Design for improved anatomical relief and blood flow, Friction-Free Gel, and four-way stretch moisture-wicking Lycra.

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  • Figure-8 Drawstring Design For A Secure Fit
  • Deep Groove™ For Increased Blood Flow
  • 30% More Gel For Increased Friction Protection
  • Washable
  • Length: 247mm
  • Width: 182mm

2 reviews for BMP-SP Medium Saddle Hybrid Pad (Medium – 247x182mm) w/ Lycra Cover

  1. Diane

    Just came back from a spin class using this saddle cover. WOW! what a difference, I was able to concentrate more on my form and intensity, instead of trying to find a position that wouldn’t feel so sore.

  2. Sharon

    I used this saddle for the first time at a 24 hour cycle class. The comfort was immediately noticeable. I like the versatility. I can also use it on my bike rides at the beach.

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