UTL-9 Flat Panel LED Tail Light


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Cover your six with the super bright UTL-9 Flat Panel LED Tail Light. A great everyday versatile rear-facing light easily mounted on-bike with included rubber strap mount or practically anywhere else imaginable using the strong and secure built-in metal belt clip. Designed using a panel of 40 micro LEDs putting out 40 Lumens (*On Daytime Flash) of super bright red light, you’ll be sure to stay visible wherever you ride.

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  • Super Bright (40 Lumens) *On Daytime Flash
  • 40 Micro LED Panel
  • Large Visible Surface Area
  • Gunmetal Colored Body
  • IPX4 Water Resistant
  • Micro USB Rechargeable
  • Built-In Metal Belt Clip
  • Easy Bracket Angle Adjustability
  • Solid Modes: High (20 Lumens): 3 hrs, Low (10 Lumens): 6 hrs
  • Flash Modes: Daytime Flash (40 Lumens) & High Flash (10 Lumens): 12 hrs
  • Weight: 41 Grams w/ Bracket
  • Battery: Lithium Polymer


2 reviews for UTL-9 Flat Panel LED Tail Light

  1. Riley Bullock

    I have had and currently have a lot of taillights.
    This is the best backpack clip design I’ve seen. It’s very secure and METAL.
    The light doesn’t have the highest lumen rating you’ll come across but the large LED screen is a unique design that gets plenty attention out of the 20 lumens.
    The daytime flash at 40 lumens has a nice rhythm to it and battery life is plentiful.
    I got the light for the clip design but it also includes a well thought out bracket. The shape of the clip allows you to angle adjust the light in the bracket to keep things vertical.
    There is a lot to like about this slim design. If you have a smaller bike frame and you’re taillight is typically hiding on your seatpost behind your saddle bag and rear wheel put one of these on your saddle bag if it has an LED loop.

  2. Dan

    I like the light itself and the flash mode is a nice compromise between flash rate and dwell time. The light itself is lightweight and holds a nice electrical charge. What I don’t like at all is the ‘S-hook’ that holds the silicone rubber strap around the seatpost. It is small, hard to put on, easily lost, and not all that secure at keeping the band secured.

    It works far better as a Camelbak/hydration pack ‘clip on’ light than as a bike mounted light.

    Five stars for the light, but only one star for the ‘s-hook’ closure.

    • Serfas

      Hi Dan, We thank you for the honest and detailed review. Our Product Development team will make note of your consumer feedback, details like these help us design and create even better products down the road! Thanks again and enjoy the UTL-9 🙂 – The Serfas Team

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