TL-SSR STOP Sign Reflector Battery Tail Light


SKU: TL-SSR / 713835002827

Quick Overview

CPSC Passive Reflector Lens

Up To 1/2 Mile Visibility In Optimum Conditions

3 Lighting Modes – Up To 120 Hour Runtime

AA Battery Powered

Built-In Backpack Clip

Uni-Taillight Mounting Bracket Included




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TL-SSR User Manual


Limited Lifetime Warranty
Serfas® warrants to the original purchaser that the product is free of defects in material, construction, and/or workmanship for the lifetime of the product.


  • CPSC Passive Reflector Lens
  • Up To 120 Hour LED Run Time
  • Up To 1/2 Mile Visibility
  • Optional Rack Mount
  • Built-In Backpack Clip
  • Uni-Taillight Mounting Bracket Included


  • Modes: Steady / Flashing / Random & Rolling
  • Weight: 112 Grams w/ Bracket
  • Runtime: Steady 70 hrs / Flash 100 hrs / Random Rolling 120 hrs
  • Battery: (2) AA

10 reviews for TL-SSR STOP Sign Reflector Battery Tail Light

  1. madmike

    This light is very bright and can be seen from a quarter mile away, but the mount is very low quality. It has fallen off my seatpost many times,

    and today it fell off on my way home from work and i didn’t notice.

    I’m angry about losing my expensive rechargeable batteries because of a

    poorly designed mounting bracket. I will not be purchasing another serfas product.

  2. borgbike

    This is an important light to the bike world. I say this because it is a rare light that still uses double A (AA) batteries. Too many lights these days use AAAs or coin/hearing aid batteries. These smaller batteries simply do not have the electrical storage capacity of AAs.

    The light is nice and very bright and because it uses larger batteries it lasts a long time between battery changes. I use rechargeable NiMH batteries for my bike lights. With this light, I can stick to AAs for both my front and rear lights.

    Also, this light, as a legacy of the original light that was designed and manufactured in the U.S., retains the original U.S. safety specification. This was an old Federal-mandated and STANDARDIZED(!!!) mounting profile that was required in the 1970s and 80s. During this time all bicycles sold in the U.S. had to have front and rear reflectors mounted on the bikes before they went out the door.

    If you look at old reflectors from this time there are two posts spaced about an inch apart. This light retains these posts. Being so, it can be bolted to the reflector bracket of old bikes. If it is bolted on using a hex-head bolt it is less convenient to the casual thief to simply unclip and walk away with. The light is relatively inexpensive so if the light is stolen it isn’t too big of a loss.

    At one point, a white light of this type was also manufactured for forward mounting. I only wish these were still made as well.


    big bright light

    built-in reflector (keeps you legal if your batteries are dead)

    standardized mounting bracket

    takes AA batteries for brighter lights, longer

    takes AA batteries for recharging compatibility with front lights


    Big and bulkly looking

  3. 365 Commuter

    This is the only kind of light I want on my bike. It has the longest lasting batteries, and a bright flash. It also mounts the best on the L shaped steel mount with two 1/4 holes I believe”

  4. Bill Lee

    Yes, to large lamp, large reflector.

    Yes to AA batteries for consistency with other lamps, utilities. Good long life, easily found in corner shops still, unlike AAA tiny batteries.

    Long life batteries.

    Would like a yellow/clear one for the front.

    I broke off the belt loop (and would wish it could be packaged as unattached) to get at the screw to attach to a bike rack bracket instead of just a clip.

    The tiny spot lamps really don’t do much for far off viewers.

  5. Kevin Lemon

    Bright, and flash patterns are bound to draw attention. Would rate a bit higher, but mounting for best visibility angle is difficult. Likely best as a secondary on the seat stay, with a different model for the seat post.

  6. Scott Thomas

    I run this light on my road bike and my mountain. The rubber-band attachments makes it super easy to attach to seat-post, A-arms or where ever. The 4-different flash modes makes it great. I typically only use the super-fast flashing, but options are always nice. Comparing it to the Thunderbolts there really isn’t any, but this is a great light. The Thunderbolts are in a catagory of their own. This are good inexpensive tail-lights with easy attaching.

  7. Andrew Penksaw

    This a great light to easily put on when its getting dark or you just want a lightweight light for safety. It works great on bikes with integrated seatposts that are ovalized and standard round clamps aren’t big enough to fit. Just be sure to keep an eye on the batteries as they will die out after a few weeks if you use it a lot during the winter.

  8. Rich Gordon

    I prefer this rear light because it stays on the bike and it is noticeable from a far distance back.

    Agree that Body on version 2 is better design, but I find the light is brighter on version 1. Cannot find in the color Blue. Version 1 was 5 star, lesser reach on light bring version 2 to 4 star.

  9. Lucky De Jesus

    Such a wonderful and bright light! Love the multiple flash settings and I’m sure it catches the drivers attention. One big gripe that I have with this light is that it burns through the CR2 batteries.

  10. gasstationwithoutpumps

    I’m not sure if I have the TL-ST or TL-STN (no marking on the case other than Serfas).

    The lights are excellent, but the rubber band mounting is fragile and poorly designed. One band failed partially within a few weeks and completely within about a year. Putting the lights on takes longer than more rigid brackets and needs to be realigned every time.

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