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TL-200 1-WATT Battery Tail Light


30 Lumen Output – Up To 1 Mile Visibility

Twin Beam – Wide and Spot Lens

Up To 80 Hour Runtime

AAA Battery Powered (Batteries Included)

Uni-Tail Mounting Bracket

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TL-200 User Manual and Runtimes


Limited Lifetime Warranty
Serfas® warrants to the original purchaser that the product is free of defects in material, construction, and/or workmanship for the lifetime of the product.

  • 30 Lumen Output
  • Optional Rack Mount
  • Twin Beam – 1 Diffused Wide Beam, 1 Focused Spot Beam
  • Uni-Tail Mounting Bracket Included
  • Up To 1 Mile Visibility
  • Modes:
    • Steady
    • Flash
    • Alternating Flash
  • Weight: 88 Grams w/ Bracket
  • Runtime:
    • Solid 22 hrs
    • Flash: 80 hrs
    • Alternating Flash: 80 hrs
  • Battery: (2) AAA

13 reviews for TL-200 1-WATT Battery Tail Light

  1. Biker chick

    This light is so bright when stopped at a light it reflects off the cars behind you. I like that the on off switch is in the front so it is easy to get to.

  2. Paul Abrahams

    Super easy to install. I can turn it on and off while I am still riding. Very bright light, I use the flashing mode. I know that cars can see me with this light.

  3. Mathew Rhoads

    The no-fuss rubber mount fits snugly around the seat post and the light is very intense for its size. The large power button makes it easy to reach around and switch modes / turn off while ridding.

  4. Craig Spencer

    I love this light. I know it’s bright because when I dropped my friend Jeff climbing Newport Coast he said he could see it flashing all the way at the top. haha. Seriously though, great light, worth every penny.

  5. Brad

    This light rocks! When I first saw one on another bike I chased it down just to find out what the light was as I want to be seen on the road. I’m a big fan of the Planet Bike Superflash but this light in dual flash mode is a lot brighter. I haven’t had it long enough to have any problems with the mount and I think that the mount, if you’re going to use the light on your seat post works well. If I get run over with this light on it would have to be manslaughter ’cause there ain’t no way they are not going to see you if they are looking.

  6. Sam

    Great light. One of the brightest on the market. I am rating it 4 stars instead of 5 because the rubber strap broke. That is annoying but I contacted Serfas through the website and they mailed a replacement strap to me the next day. Great customer service.

  7. Tim Lewis

    OK, the mount needs work. The light is great, though. I put a zip-tie between the rails on my saddle and use the clip on the back of the light to mount it there. It works perfect and it’s completely out of the way.

    This is the brightest taillight I’ve found and I have one on every bike.

  8. Jim

    The light is the brightest one I’ve found on the market. All my riding friends were checking out the manufacturer’s name. Re the strap, I hooked the light onto the my kit (under saddle). Works greatg there & no breaking strap worries. Can also be fitting on the rear of your helmet using nylon ties. You are wearing a helmet, right?

  9. Brian

    I was really happy with the design of the light itself, but when the bracket failed the car behind me in the left turn lane crushed it into nearly unrecognizable pieces. =(

    I doubt I had this light on my bike for more than 100 miles of moderate commuting, so I feel like the life span was below average.

    I would love to give this light a second chance so I will see what my local dealer has to say.

    ****Comment from Serfas****

    Dear Brian, we are sorry to hear about your experience with our TL-200 light. We have re-designed the bracket with new materials to fix this issue. Please contact media@serfas.com to explore your warranty options.


  10. gil

    like everyone else, i’m really happy with this light. my complaint is that the rubber bracket/mount tore, and i am trying to contact SERFAS for a replacement. i will update this review according to how customer service responds! but again: great light!

  11. Burton

    Excellent brightness. Very good runtimes. Bought a Serfas TL 60 as well and prefer this one . Brightness is only marginally less and runtimes are much better. More importantly – its possible to swap out batteries on the run since they’re AAAs.

  12. David E. Lance

    I would give this light a high 5 if the strap was better. The light is great shines bright everybody can see it. If I forget ot turn it on the switch is easy to get too. I use it day and night. However the mounting strap is not very good and I am on my 3rd strap that why I am here on the web site trying to find a replacement strap. It seams the rubber will last about 6-8 months, not good for the price of the light.


  13. Sean Murphy

    A great light. Brightest on the road I’ve seen by far. Bright enough that we use it in daytime when visibility is obscured by haze, rain or low light conditions. My first unit developed a problem with one of its two LED’s after about eight months and factory replacement was fast and easy. I highly recommend this light, and am purchasing another as a christmas gift for my riding partner.

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