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BT-PDPK Polka Dot Bar Tape


COLOR: Black/Pink

Serfas® Polka Dot Bar tape was designed to give riders the advantage of Silicone without the added weight. Synthetic cork tape topped with small silicone dots. A true blend of comfort and performance. Synthetic cork tape smooths out vibrations from rough conditions. The small silicone dots provide additional grip in wet or dry conditions. The tape is effective and comfortable if you ride with or without gloves.

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  • Grippy Silicone Dots


  • Length: 2000mm / ~78.75 inches

90 Day Warranty
Serfas® Bar Tape is covered by our 90 Day Warranty which guarantees a product free of defects in material, construction, and/or workmanship up to 90 days after purchase. This warranty does not apply to damage due to heat, environmental factors, misuse, or negligence.

Limited Lifetime Warranty
Serfas® warrants to the original purchaser that the product is free of defects in material, construction, and/or workmanship for the lifetime of the product.

Applies only to silicone bar tape – (BTSIL-BK, BTSIL-RD, BTSIL-WT)

1 review for BT-PDPK Polka Dot Bar Tape

  1. Aaron G

    By far one of the best bar wraps I have ever tried in my 30+ years of cycling!!! I’ve tried em all looking for the right grip, I think I’ve found it!!!!! This tape has small polka dots that ere impregnated onto the wrap. Each of the polka dots are made out of silicon for a fantastic grip. In the summer months I like to ride without gloves as my gloves get saturated from sweat. This bar wrap gives me incredible grip with bare sweaty hands. I wish my Shimano brake hoods were made out of this!!! The wrap provides enough padding to absorb those vibrations that you feel in the bars. If you’re wanting a great wrap that provides you with good grip through wet or dry, sweaty or no sweat, gloves or gloveless look into this stuff. I’m wrapping my CX bike with this tape also it’s that good!!!!

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