Serfas Krest Tires Review

Serfas Krest Tires Review

Serfas Krest Tires Review by David Tate, Brand Ambassador

After riding the Serfas Krest 29 x2.35 tires on three different and diverse rides, I can post some of my initial impressions of the tires. One of the rides included some gravel and paved greenways, some rooty old school singletrack, and some rolling singletrack with lots of babyhead size rocks. Even though I was running a fairly high psi, 35 or so, the tires hooked up nicely and there was no incident of spin out.

The next ride was on benched cut singletrack that included lots of elevation changes with some steep, but short run ups and downs. Again, I was running a higher psi then normal and again the tires handled everything that the trail had to give. I am very pleased with how they perform grip wise, both in the front and back.

The last ride was on a 6 mile section of purpose built mtb trails at Lake James State Park. These trails are fairly new, maybe 3 years old, and are very smooth, but fun. Again, the tires did the job without any problems.

One of the things that was noticeable on each ride, was the weight of the tires. It took some effort to get them up to speed, but once there they carried the the speed well. It was more noticeable on the short, but steep climbs, but not as noticeable on longer, more substanced climbs. They are not racing tires, but they seem to be a good trail tire that will work well on a variety of trails.

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