Spin Right Round Right Round – 5 Simple Ways To Better Your Spin Experience

It seems we are amid a resurgence in popularity of the spin bike, or stationary bike, in both at-home and organized trainer led class environments.

With the advent of tablet computers becoming increasingly capable and affordable, today we’re only a mobile app away from the convenience of connecting to structured trainer led spin classes and allowing workouts to be brought into the home whenever is convenient for you.

Whether you are just getting into spin cycling or have been doing it for years, listed below are five simple ways to better your spin.

1. Removable Gel Saddle Pad

If you’ve ever sat on a spin bike the first thing you probably noticed was how hard and uncomfortable they can be.

The simplest of solutions is to install one of our gel exerciser saddle pads. Our exerciser pads are available in an array of sizes and designed using the same high quality gel and moisture wicking Lycra materials as our saddles.

One of the great benefits of our gel saddle pads is they can be easily installed and removed utilizing the simple drawstring attachment system, this means you can use the pad at home on your personal stationary bike as well as effortlessly bringing it to spin class.

Also, our removable gel saddle pads are washable, which means you don’t have to be grossed out wondering about the questionable state of the spin bike you’re about to sit down on.

2. The Right Footwear (Versatility A Plus)

Spin bikes usually have a toe cage or clipless pedal system to secure your feet for increased performance and safety, this typically means needing to bring a second set of cycling shoes to change into, otherwise you’re stuck renting a pair of less than fresh loaners from the spin studio.

Consider our Serfas® Trax Mens/Womens all-terrain lace up SPD compatible cycling shoes, designed with a lugged rubber bottom and easy to walk in sole that wears like a regular pair of lace up shoes.

With the Serfas® Trax you can comfortably commute to class already wearing your clipless compatible shoes and not have to worry about having a second pair to change into. The Trax are also ideal for pedals with toe cages because the soles are solid bottomed and don’t flex like a regular pair of sneakers, which is what you want for extensive pedaling sessions.

3. Protect Your Hands

It may sound kind of silly to wear cycling gloves for riding a spin bike but when you think about it you’re still going through the same motions as riding a real bike, and when you’re going at it for a period of say 30-40 minutes your hands will likely get sore and sweaty from gripping the bars.

With a pair of Serfas® Short Finger Gloves, available in mens/womens colors and varying styles, you get the hand protection you need to reduce hand fatigue and protect your skin from abrasion.

For even more protection and comfort see Serfas® RX Short Finger Gloves, made with partitioned gel padding arranged in the palms designed specifically to reduce pressure on the Ulnar nerve in the hands.

4. Don’t Forget Water (And A Snack)

Probably the most obvious of things not to forget, your water bottle. Just the same as riding a real bike on the road or trail it’s important to keep hydrated throughout your spin session, especially if you’re one of forty some warm bodies packed into a spin studio.

A good rule of thumb is to take a few sips of water every ten minutes, it’s easy to become so focused in the class you forget to take in water.

It’s also a good idea to bring a little something to snack on post workout to help recovery, you burn a ton of calories spinning, your body will be craving something to replenish energy.

5. Spin With A Friend

For those of you with your own at-home spin equipment this doesn’t really apply in the same way, but for those attending structured studio classes — bring a friend! Ask your gym or studio about guest passes, they often have them.

The studio environment can be a little intimidating at first without knowing anyone, but bringing along a friend can help hold you accountable throughout the workout as well as assist in maintaining the routine of going.

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