MP-04G Mini Floor Pump w/ Gauge


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Innovative design is the name of the game with this mini folding pump with integrated analog gauge. The MP-04G Mini Floor Pump maintains a compact size and lightweight portability while featuring a conveniently integrated fold-out foot peg to ease stability during pumping.

Product Instructions — MP-04G Mini Floor Pump

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  • Folding Design For Easy Storage
  • Built-In Gauge
  • Integrated Foot Peg for Easy Control
  • Presta & Schrader Compatible
  • Telescopic Handle For Larger Air Volume
  • Capacity: 160 PSI
  • Length: Open: 17 1/4″ Closed: 11 1/4″
  • Weight: 179 Grams

Product Instructions — MP-04G Mini Floor Pump


4 reviews for MP-04G Mini Floor Pump w/ Gauge

  1. Bruce

    I bought on tour from Vancouver to San Francisco when my other brand name mini pump let me down.

    This pump is awesome. Is it a tiny floor pump or a large mini pump? I think the former. The thread-on valve stem fitting is easy and positive. The foot peg is great, although not required as it is comfortable in my hand. It pumps a remarkable volume of air for such a small device. Not much effort is required to get the tire up to 100 – 120 psi pretty quickly. The accurate gauge (I tested it with a Zefal D meter) is a real bonus knowing your not running too low or too high.

    Buy it!

    How long will it last?

  2. Mark Solow

    Have owned and tried several different bike-mounted pumps over the years. (I’ve been leading weekly group beginner/intermediate group rides for over 6 years). Never thought that there would ever be a better pump than the Road Morph—until now. However, the first time I tried to use it, someone in the group was trying to help by attaching the tip—which ended in pieces on the ground. I think they simply unscrewed the tip. We ended up using CO2. Finally, after reassembling the tip, I tried the pump. It is now my favorite bike mounted pump for these 3 reasons: 1. Pumps faster than others because of telescoping-action. (Much easier to get to 100+ PSI). 2. Gauge is much easier to see than any mini-pump I have tried so far. 3. Good bike mount makes secures well to bike with easy on/off.

  3. Joseph Alejandro

    This is a great hand and floor pump. Yes it transforms into a floor pump people. The dual head makes even more the sweeter, very lite an compact. My only issue with it was it really stiff and the had to take the dual head apart and put it together to get it to work without a struggle. Once I got a few uses under its belt it a camp. A must have for any cyclist, the handle pivots so when you use as floor pump there’s no fighting with it. Simple to read as well no need for double take. It’s a keeper for sure.

  4. Chris Bennett

    It’s a good pump with some great features, but the T-handle *will break* because they designed the thing in such a way that there’s just 2mm of ABS plastic resisting against your pumping force. Go slow and easy with it, because at $50 you don’t want to have to replace it just because of a failure in a non-functioning part of the device.

    And they don’t stock replacement part for this item.

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