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  • MEO-26-2.1

    MEO-27.5-2.0 Sheriff MTB


    Fast Rolling Directional Tread

    Cross Country Tread Pattern

    Tread Siping For Improved Wet Weather Traction

  • STCM-23

    STCM Combi LT Road MEO


    MEO Series Combi LT Road – All Around Performance Road Tire

    Designed To Deliver Great Performance And High Miles On A Budget

  • MEO-700-23

    MEO-700-23 Chase Road


    MEO Series – Great All Around Pavement Tire

    Long-Wearing Tire Compound

    Fast Rolling Center With Textured Sides To Help Cornering

  • PVADAPTOR Presta To Schrader Valve Adapter (100pcs)


    Convert any Presta valve to a Schrader valve with the Serfas® valve adapter.

    Simply screw the adapter over an existing Presta valve and add compatibility to work with Schrader style pumps and compressors.


    SEAL-CORE10 Presta Valve Cores (10pcs)


    Replace your lost, damaged, or worn out Presta valve cores with one of Serfas’ new Tire RX valve cores.

  • SEAL-VALVE 2 Tubeless Presta Valves (32mm, 44mm, 60mm) Colors Available

    • Available Presta Valve Colors:
      • 32mm: Standard
      • 44mm, Anodized: Black, Blue, Green, Orange, Pink, Purple, Red, Yellow
      • 60mm, Anodized: Black, Blue, Red

    Switching to tubeless or in need of valve replacements? Serfas® Tire RX replacement valves will do the trick. Available sizes of 32mm, 44mm, or 60mm valves with removable cores, extra valve core, and Schrader to Presta adapter with core removal tool.

    *Please Note – Due to the multi-step chemical process and variables involved in anodizing, colors may vary slightly between batches produced.

    *Replacement Parts – If SEAL-VALVE parts are needed please contact Serfas Warranty Department at email,


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