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  • ESM-600 Combo Light USM-600/UTM-60


    USM-600 E-Lume 600 Lumen Headlight

    • All-In-One Design
    • Extruded Aluminum Body
    • Press and Hold Button Lock
    • Daytime Flash Mode
    • Up To 90 Hours Runtime
    • Integrated USB Rechargeable Li-Ion Battery
    • Backlit Button Indicates Charge Status and Low Battery
    • Handlebar Bracket
    • USB Charging Cable

    E-Lume Headlight User Manual (PDF)

    UTM-60 Cosmo 60 Lumen Tail Light

    • 270 Degree High Visibility Design
    • Highly Adjustable Mounting System
    • Daytime Flash Mode
    • 5 Modes: 2 Solid / 3 Flash
    • Micro USB Rechargeable
  • CP-R10

    CP-R10 Apollo USB Compact LED Light Combo


    The Serfas® Apollo series is a super bright waterproof LED light that is also compact and simple to mount.

    *Also available individually as USL-10 Headlight and UTL-10 Taillight

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