E-Gel® - Waterproof / Generous Gel



Our E-Gel® saddles help smooth things over by taking our Dual Density® or standard saddle base & top it off with a 30% thicker layer of gel encapsulated in a soflex material that allows for 360-degree stretch & is completely waterproof. Top this all off with our Deep Groove™ design & you have a saddle that mixes a plush feel with the support that you need to make all your rides a blissful one.

Friction-Free Gel: The gel layer acts as a second layer of skin by moving with the rider & thus reducing friction.

Deep Groove™ Design: Reduces pressure on neurovascular bundle for reduced numbness & discomfort.

Dual Density® Base: A soft, flexible rubber-like material lies in the saddle’s base to ensure your sit bones never hit a hard spot.

Four Way Stretch: The saddle’s cover moves in all four directions to reduce friction & increase longevity of the cover.

Waterproof Soflex Cover: Serfas’ soflex covers completely waterproof & are made of the same material as the internal gel to prevent cover separation.