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Stay Focused On The Ride With Audible Low Battery Alerts Serfas® developed the first ever Audible Low Battery Indicator for bike lights, which solves a problem many cyclists have often experienced at some point — a tail light battery dying without notice while riding. A Serfas team member realized the potential for an audible battery alert on a ride home from the office one day. He rode all the way home and was upset having realized his tail light battery died along the way without notice, meaning he had just ridden busy streets for miles without the added safety of a rear light. While headlights are bar mounted and easy to check, tail lights being rear mounted means having to divert attention backward to see if the light is still ON. Now, the Serfas® Blast Audible Low Battery Indicator, emits an 85 decibel alert tone to safely let you know when your battery level is running low.