Audible Lights


Serfas® Audible equipped lights allow riders to focus on the road ahead without having to worry about lights going out unnoticed.

Serfas® invented the first ever Audible Low Battery Indicator for bike lights, solving a problem most riders have experienced — a taillight battery dying without notice during a ride.

A Serfas® employee came up with the idea after commuting home one day, on this day when he arrived home he was upset having realized his taillight had died without notice meaning he had unsafely ridden busy roads for miles without the outward visibility of a functioning taillight.

When a headlight goes out it is obvious, and models equipped with a low battery indicator give ample warning because it is right within the cyclist’s view. Taillights are tricky. Many cyclists attach them directly to, or beneath, a saddlebag. To safely check if the taillight is on typically requires having to stop to look.

The fix to this problem was simple — design a taillight that, “talks,” because when riding with a friend they can tell you if your light died so you can turn on a spare.

Now, with the Serfas® Blast Audible Low Battery Indicator, when no one else is there to watch your back, Serfas® has you covered. The Audible Low Battery Indicator will alert you to a low battery by emitting an easily heard 85 decibel beep tone.

The Serfas® Audible Low Battery Indicator emits an 85 decibel beep when expected battery life reaches 10 minutes of remaining runtime in its current setting. This feature provides the chance to switch to a lower output mode to maximize remaining battery life or to safely get off a busy road.