Cyclo Tire and E-Lume 1500 Review


Cyclo Tire and E-Lume 1500 Review

Cyclo Tire and E-Lume 1500 Light Review by Aaron Gerth, Brand Ambassador

The hills in Southern Cal are starting to change from an emerald green to a more familiar hue, gold, hence,the golden state moniker. I’m still out there riding regardless of the temps or the time change. Still rolling on the @serfas_inc Cyclo tires and still liking them for the FPS (flat protection system) that keeps me rolling throughout the ride. Summer is approaching and the goathead/bullthorns will be making their appearance so that is where the FPS will get a true testing.
I’m running the tires at 43-45psi and find the grip on gravel surfaces fantastic. The closely spaced knobs keep me rolling fast on the pavement sections between the dirt. Good job on this tire @serfas_inc !! As you can see I have the Serfas elume 1500 on my bars as I ride from daytime into the night this time of year. This light continues to impress even after a few bumps and bruises of bouncing down the trail. By far my favorite @serfas_inc product so far!!

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