STKB SECA Survivor Road



Quick Overview

Serfas© Most Puncture Resistant Road Tire

Constructed Using A Durable Composition Resistant To Punctures In Most Riding Conditions.

Serfas© Survivor Series Tires Utilize Ballistic Nylon And Our Impervious Composite Matrix Under The Tread In Addition To 25% Thicker Rubber To Help Protect Against Thorns And Common Sharp Road Debris.



30 Day Warranty
Serfas® Tires are covered by our 30 Day Warranty which guarantees a product free of defects in material and/or workmanship up to 30 days after purchase. This warranty does not apply to damage due to heat, environmental factors, misuse, or negligence. *Tire purchase must be from authorized Serfas® retailer for eligibility.


  • Excellent Commuting/Training Tire
  • Survivor Series For Extra Puncture Resistance
  • Long Lasting Tread Life
  • Dual Density Tread


  • Bead: Wire
  • Size:
    • 700 x 23
    • 700 x 25
    • 700 x 28
  • Pressure: 130 PSI
  • Color: Black/Grey

Disclaimer: Tube Must Be Used Inside Of Tire

Additional information

Tire Sizes

700×23, 700×25, 700×28

8 reviews for STKB SECA Survivor Road

  1. Michael C

    I have used the 25 and 23 cm tires. I have had great success with each with respect to high mileage and flat resistance. And that means more miles and less time on the side of the road! Thanks Serfas for a great tire!

  2. Maurice T.

    I haven’t flatted all season (knocking on wood…)These tires are great and have a better feel than the Specialized Armadillos I used to ride.

  3. zak

    the only tire i will ever ride.

  4. phxs

    Heavy when compared to the Continental Gatorskins , don’t roll as well and not impervious to snake bite punctures.

    Flatted after a week on these tires while clipping a small rock in the roadway which lead to the puncture.

    After 300 miles they appear to wear well and bead is easier to work with that the Conti’s when working on a flat. Commute on glass strewn and debris riddled roads and the tires are not torn up at all. For the price it’s a good tire and will see in the long run will they hold up as well as the Conti’s.

    Only wish they were a bit lighter and roll easier but for the price it is a good deal.

  5. Corey B.

    I’m loving these tires, I’ve had them for about a month a half and so far no flats. I’ve tried several other tires but i never had money to buy the best protection until recently. I have them on my cyclocross bike which i use to commute and i ride everyday. The streets in my city are not the best either. There’s so much debris which includes glass shards and small metal pieces, i was so use to getting flats every week but now that burden has been removed from my life!

    I couldn’t decided whether to get the folding bead or not but wire bead has 25% thicker rubber (I think) so that’s the choice i made. Instead of changing flat from glass shards i find myself brushing them off or pulling them from my tire after a ride. Truly a surviving tire.

  6. Brandon

    A great tire at a great price. Previously used Gatorskins and would get 500-700 miles last Serfas changed at 1200 plus. No flats. Awesome value!!!!

  7. Bob

    My commute has everything – glass and metal shards, sharp rocks, smashed bottles, caltrop thorns, screws – you name it. I was flatting 1-2 times a week before finding these tires. It’s now been 5 years, yes 5 YEARS, since my last flat. I don’t even carry a spare tube, patch kit or pump anymore. And I’m a 100kg guy with about 10kg of racks and stuff with me every time.

    The tires roll beautifully (I run the 28mm version) and are grippy in all conditions. It’s not often I find a product that can be described as perfect – but these tires are just that. After about 18 months I got curious as I could see shiny things in the tread – which I assumed were tiny flecks of glass. I removed the tires and pinched them flat. Tiny cuts opened up all over the tread and hundreds of shards of glass and metal and rocks were embedded in there. It was incredible. I worked my way around the tired cleaning them as I went – shuddering to think how many flats a normal set of tires would have had.. I’ve never bothered doing it again and nothing has made its way through.

    Don’t hesitate, these are as far as I’m concerned the ultimate commuting tire. Comfy, fast, puncture proof (yep, I’m saying proof – at last in the 28mm I use) and looooong lasting. Go and buy some, now.

    • Serfas

      Hi Bob, We thank you so much for such a detailed enthusiastic review! Hearing how happy you are with our SECA Survivors makes US happy! Thank you again and thanks for trusting Serfas® to get you around for FIVE YEARS without a flat! 🙂 – The Serfas Team

  8. Joseph Alejandro

    These tires are AWESOME! I RIDE my bike a lot it’s my transportation. I’ve never had any problems with Serfas Survivor Series tires. You name the terrain I have rode on it, all except snow and ice. A few weeks back a fellow racer and I rolled around town, we both got glass in our tires. His went flat and mine NEVER lost air pressure. The glass was about the size of a half of a penny. Goes to show how gnarly these tires are. Easy to put on and they are defenly a show stopper. I’ve had them in various sizes too from 32 all the way down to a 23. My favorite is 700×23, I love to turn on a dime an they do it for me at that size. The side wall were the tire and rim meet wear out over time but over all a quality tire. Other riders I know that roll on Continental Gatorskins say they have to change out tires mid season ride due to quick wear down. I told one rider, I’ve not changed my tires in a year just rotated them. The ONLY tires my bikes will EVER have. I only wish they would have them in color. An one other thing they NEVER flat spotted on me.

    • Serfas

      Joseph, Stoked to hear how much use and prolonged enjoyment the Serfas Survivor SECAs have been giving you! Thanks for sharing your positive experience and we hope you continue to enjoy the performance of Serfas Survivor SECAs – The Serfas Team

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