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FPS Pro Flat Protection. New for 2016 we are expanding on the very popular Seca line of tires. The Seca Pro high performance road tire. It combines extra puncture resistance and superior tread life to the fast tread pattern. It has a 68a center Durometer and 64a outer Durometer for great cornering.




  • Dual Density® Silica Compound
  • High Performance Road Tire
  • High Performance Puncture Resistance, Superior Tread Life, Extremely Low Rolling Resistance Slick Tread Pattern
  • Fast Rolling 68a Center Durometer With Great Cornering 64a Outer Durometer
  • Bead: Folding
  • TPI: 150
  • Dimension: 700 x 23, 700 x 25, 700 x 28
  • Pressure: 130 PSI
  • Weight: 225g (23), 255g (25), 290g (28)

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Tire Sizes

700×23 Folding, 700×25 Folding, 700×28 Folding

4 reviews for STSP SECA Pro

  1. Dave

    Replaced my Conti GP4000s with a pair of these. Couldn’t be happier. Great traction in corners, very durable material (no cuts after ~500 miles), and fast.. maybe not as fast, but significantly more durable.

  2. Jason Bailey

    I only have a couple hundred miles, but they have worked beautifully. I am not a fan of slick, wet conditions and the performance of these tires have me more confidence in slick situations. They feel as fast as my previous tires and very durable.

  3. Ivan Lopez

    Great set of tires

  4. Aaron G

    I mounted a pair of these tires in the 28c size on my road bike and I love them. The extra width gives me a great ride at 85 psi. I frequently take my road bike off road onto hard packed dirt roads and these tires have shown no wear whatsoever. No cuts at all and this is a top of the line racing tire. When I ride strictly pavement I air them up to 100 psi, they’re rated to 130 psi, I never run any of my tires at max pressure though. I like these tires so much I took them off and loaned them to a friend, he used 23c tires for years but he’ll be upgrading to 28c when his tires wear out.

    One thing I like is having a higher tpi count on my tires. These tires are 150tpi, threads per inch, more tpi the more supple the tire. You may find other tires that are 180 and 200 tpi but they usually cost twice as much as this tire. I’ll be putting another pair of these on my bike when and if they ever wear out.

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