SEAL-UNIKIT-S Tubeless System Schrader Universal


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Quick Overview

Convert your standard tube/tire setup to tubeless & stop worrying about flats. Serfas’ Tire RX kits seal & heal your tires immediately after punctures to keep you rolling. Have the peace of mind that our Tire RX kits will plug holes up to 1/4 inch in diameter to ensure you get to your destination.

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  • Compatible With Most Rim Widths
  • Sealant Is CO2 Compatible
  • Sealant Will Not Freeze


  • Two 125ml Sealant Bottles
  • Rim Tape For Two Wheels
  • Two One-Size-Fits-All Rubber Rim Strips
  • Two Fill Tubes
  • Two Schrader Valves With Removable Cores
  • Schrader Key



Tire Sealant Brochure

Tire Sealant Instructions


1 review for SEAL-UNIKIT-S Tubeless System Schrader Universal

  1. Mike

    Wow… how fast previous rating got lost. Lets try again.
    best kit money can buy, easy to install, easy to inflate, easy to fill with sealer, greatest kit to ever hit the open market. Believe it?!

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