SEAL-125 Sealant Bottle (125ml)


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Quick Overview

Don’t let a flat tire ruin your ride. Our unique micro-particle blend instantly seals quarter inch punctures & keeps you rolling forward. Pair our sealant with our full line of sealant acccessiores; including, rim tape, valves with removable cores, & valve adaptors for best results. Be sure to check out our new conversion kits that will change any standard tire/tube setup to tubeless.

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  • Flat Protection
  • Seals 1/4 Inch Punctures
  • Can Be Used In Tubeless, Tubular & Tubed Application
  • Bottle Is Good For 1-2 Mountain Bike Wheels Depending On Size
  • Most Economical Size
  • Contains Micro-Sealing Particles
  • Sealant Does Not Freeze
  • CO2 Compatible
  • Compatible With Serfas Tire Medic Sealant Kits


  • 125ml, 4.2oz

Tire Sealant Brochure

Tire Sealant Instructions


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