VAR-2 Variant 2 Adjustable Flex SS Rails



Quick Overview

Includes 5 interchangeable compression inserts.

Patented technology to personalize the flex and ride of your saddle.

Stainless Steel Rails.

The Serfas® Variant saddle is a truly unique product that takes seat customization and overall comfort to a new level. Both the Variant 1 & Variant 2 come with five compression inserts that are user adjustable allowing the saddles to flex at varying rates. Based on your preference, you can fine tune the Variant; making it the most customizable saddle on the market.




  • MTB Comfort
  • Adjustable Flex Base
  • Pressure Eliminating Channel
  • Quick Change System
  • Race Foam Construction
  • Rails: Stainless Steel
  • Cover: Waterproof, Anti-Microbial Microfiber
  • Length: 272mm
  • Width: 145mm, 155mm
  • Weight: (145mm) 202 Grams, (155mm) 250 Grams

Additional information

Saddle Sizes

145mm Width, 155mm Width

11 reviews for VAR-2 Variant 2 Adjustable Flex SS Rails

  1. ray k

    Used this seat on my mtb bike. From the first moment the shape felt perfect for me but the elastomers that came on the seat were too stiff . After a few changes in the flex the softest (white) elastomer was my favorite. This seat exceeded my expectaions.

  2. Mike

    Most comfortable saddle I have ridden in quite some time. With the adjustable flex base it was easy to find my comfort zone. On my mountain bike I am running a blue bumper for a little more flex and on my road bike I have been on an orange bumper. It is quick and easy to switch out the bumper to play with them and find what works for you!

  3. Riley

    I thought I was happy with my last saddle until I tried the Variant 2.

    This saddle works great for me on my Mountain Bikes (Salsa Mukluk Fatty & El Mariachi 29er) & may end up on my CX bike as well. The shape and cover material make this saddle easy to move around on when you need to for steep terrain. Shape is similar to the Ergon Comp saddle (that weighs 245 grams) but has better padding that make it more comfortable for me. This saddle has the perfect amount of padding and only weighs 200 grams (header card had it at 254g but that was wrong when I checked it myself).

    I started riding my VAR-2 with the medium” compression insert then changed to the “”soft”” to see if I could tell a difference. When I changed I noticed I wanted a little less flex after one ride and went to the “”Medium-Soft”” compression insert. This is where both my VAR-2 are set and it’s perfect. The ability to customize the flex is great but I would still really like it at $85 without the flex adjustment”

  4. Justin

    I’ve been using this saddle on my road bike for over 2 months and I’m a huge fan. The shape and feel is perfect, plus you can adjust the flex to what feels best for you. I’ve tried all the flex settings, for me the orange is perfect. I will be ordering one for my MTB as well.

  5. David

    This saddle rocks! It’s very comfortable. I was looking to replace the stock seat on a new mountain bike recently purchased. I like the idea of being able to tune the seat to find my comfort zone by using the softer or stiffer inserts. On my first ride the width and shape of the seat felt awesome. As did the groove down the center of the seat, just the right amount of pressure relief. After trying 3 of the different compression inserts, I ended up with the Blue Medium-Soft as the insert that gives just the right amount of flex to the body of the seat. Changing the inserts was easy. After riding this seat for a couple of months, I purchased the Variant 1 for my road bike. It’s a little lighter and just a touch less padding. You will not be disappointed with the Serfas Variant!

  6. Dennis Lee

    I have ridden the VAR-2 saddle for over 6 months and it’s by far the most comfortable saddle I have ever ridden.

    I use the orange insert on my Colnago C60 and the white insert on my Masi Cross Bike.

    Next month I will be riding the VAR-1 that I just receive keep up the great work Serfas

  7. Carter

    As long as this saddle is in production, I cant see myself buy anything else. The fact that you can change the flex of the saddle makes it a superior all around saddle. I know they make a road and a mountain version but i am kind of a baby when it comes to saddle comfort so i ride the mountain version on my road and mountain bike and all it needs is a quick swap of elastomers and its ready to go for each application. It took me a mile or 2 on each elastomer to really figure out which one i like best but now that i have, the comfort and performance of this saddle is unmatched. To the trash with my Bontager Kovee Elite!!!!

  8. Brent

    I was recommended the Variant 2 saddle because I was getting beat up on my gravel grinder. I tried out the different inserts and found that blue worked the best for me. Enough flex to eat up the bumps off-road, but not so flimsy that I felt like I was getting bucked off the bike. The saddle makes a big difference!

  9. Anthony Haas

    I got this saddle at the end of the season last year, rode it on the trainer a few times and fell in love it. I now have it on my gravel bike and I’m thinking about getting one for my mountain bike and maybe getting the Variant 1 for my road bike

  10. George

    I’ve been riding the Variant 2 saddle for 3 months, it’s quite possibly the most comfortable seat I’ve ever ridden. No fanny fatigue even after century rides. I tried a few of the different elastomers settling in on the red for my road bike and orange for my Cross/Gravel bike. The 200 gram weight is incredible for the $85.00 price!

  11. Joseph Alejandro

    Just WOW!! The VAR-2 is awesome. I did not adjust the settings and rode it as is out of the box and it was SUPER comfy. Just the right amount of cushion for my rear. No numbness or fatigue, even in my legs. Even due this Arizona monsoon it holds up defiantly a (ATS) All terrain saddle. From road to dirt and dirt to alleyways. Perfect all the way around.

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