EG-8000EL E-GEL® Cruiser Elastomer Rear Suspension w/ Cutout & Lycra Cover


SKU: EG-8000EL / 713835997178

Quick Overview

One of our best selling E-Gel® saddles, now available with Silk Tech Lycra®

Features a friction-free E-GEL® layer designed to behave as a second skin and reduce chafing by moving with the motion of the rider thus reducing uncomfortable friction. Also features Serfas® Deep Groove™ Design central pressure eliminating channel, Dual Density® Base, four-way stretch moisture-wicking Lycra cover, elastomer rear suspension, and heavy duty steel rails.

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  • Cutout Base For Soft Tissue Relief
  • Dual Density® Base
  • Deep Groove™ Design
  • Elastomer Rear Suspension
  • Friction-Free E-Gel®
  • Rails: Steel
  • Cover: Silk Tech Lycra®
  • Length: 277mm
  • Width: 208mm
  • Weight: 936 Grams


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