FMP-500O High Pressure w/ Simple Valve


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Our flagship floor pump that sets the benchmark for quality and reliablility! The FMP-500O has a 260 PSI capacity – can you say Track Tires? This slice of orange delight has all the bells and whistles you’ll ever need – stainless steel hose, easy to read gauge, ergonomic handle & top of the line pump head. Backed by a limited lifetime warranty, this will be the last pump you ever buy.

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Limited Lifetime Warranty
Serfas® warrants to the original purchaser that your pump is free of defects in material, construction, and/or workmanship for the lifetime of the product.


  • Oversized Gauge For Easy Visibility
  • Integrated Air Release Valve On Pump Head
  • Stainless Steel Braided Hose
  • Simple Valve Head Fits Presta & Schrader Valves
  • Durable Metal Barrel & Base
  • Equipped With Ball & Accessory Attachments
  • Capacity: 260 PSI
  • Weight: 1,588 Grams
  • Height: 28 1/2″

Pump Instruction Manual

Pump Maintenance:
Un-greased internal o-rings can lead to pump malfunction or pressurization loss while pumping. O-rings can be maintained using a silicone lubricating compound such as NAPA Sil-Glyde.


19 reviews for FMP-500O High Pressure w/ Simple Valve

  1. KDC1956

    I got to use one of these pump at my LBS for the first time.I must say they are the best I have ever use.Very easy to pump up tires ti 70 psi.

    They do cost a little but when I can get the money for one I will buy this pump.I think Serfas make good seats too I have one and it so soft with the cut it has there is no pain in ridding.

  2. Tornado

    When I first used this pump in a local bike shop I was impressed, so much so that I bought one from them. The all metal construction, stainless braided hose and large gauge face are all great features and are the reason the pump costs what it does. However, as with all dual headed (shrader and presta valve) pumps it suffers from a fair amount of air leakage around the valve. Knowing this, you can simply over-inflate your tires by a few psi and not worry when you lose a small amount of air at the time you remove the pump head. The barrel, base, hose and gauge are all of very high quality, but the head just isn’t as well built. The head on my pump has failed completely two times now and I finally had to move on to a different head. When this pump works it gets 5 out of 5 stars. Since the head fails too easily, it gets 3 out of 5.

  3. Jim

    I had this pump for almost two years and the bolts on the underside of the pump base would always come loose despite using Lock-tite to hold them. They would always come loose and finally would barely hold at all. During the multiple rebuild attempts, I somehow managed to make it so the unit would not pump air. I read that they had a lifetime warranty, so I took it back to the local bike store and they swapped it out immediately for a new one. Didn’t even have to wait for a new one to be shipped or whatever. Plus, I didn’t even have the receipt! I have had the new one for about a year with absolutely no problem. Given the lifetime warranty and my new-found happiness, I highly recommend it.

  4. Kory

    My old joe blow pumps hose cracked after 4 or 5 years and I went to a LBS and bought this serfa. I’ve had it for almost a month, used it maybe half a dozen times, and the head has failed. I only use it on schrader valves, and it wont work at all.

  5. Workman

    I have had this pump for 2 years now, and love it. It makes pumping up my road tires to 130psi soooo easy. Gotta love the 260psi capability.

  6. LISA


  7. C.S. Courier

    We use this pump for our business and we have never had any problems with it. This pump always performs for us year-round. Serfas keeps our bikes rolling every day!

  8. Jim

    This is a followup to my 07/15/10 post. My previous post criticized the hardware and then the lack of pressure. This time it is the pressure gauge – which no longer works. This is discouraging, but the lifetime warranty is absolutely necessary I guess. I treat my equipment very well – going to far to always lay the pump on soft items in my truck bed, and wrapping the metal hose with an old road inner tube so it doesnt scratch the finish of the pump barrel. I suppose I am either very unlucky, or Serfas makes a lot of these so that you can exchange on the spot at the shop. That is again what I was able to do. Downgrade to 4 stars due to the inconvenience factor.

  9. David

    Almost 3 years on my pump. It’s been driven like an orphan child since day one. Dropped, scratched and treated as casually as possible. Not a single complaint. The people I ride with leave their lesser pumps in the car and use mine. The gauge quit resetting to zero (read pressure fine when loaded. It checked out with another gauge) The gauge was back ordered, but Kim kept in touch with me. Very pleased with the pump and the service.

    Keep up the good work.

  10. Kretzschmar Steel Racing Team

    We get a lot of use out of this pump with the team and have never had any issues. Great pump

  11. Biker from Brasil

    Bomba excelente,enche qualquer pneu muito facilmente ,bem construida … acertaram em colocar o visor no nivel do cḥo,ṇo quebra em quedas e aumenta a base.

  12. Native One

    Used this pump for 6 months. This is a Great pump!. Now the gauge is stuck at 60 psi. Is there any way to reset the gauge?

    ***Response from Serfas Administrator*** Sorry to hear about your gauge, please contact or call 800-424-0047 to get your gauge replaced under warranty.

  13. Jim

    Yet another followup to a previous post. This is the third version of the same pump that I have and now I can say that IT ROCKS! I have had absolutely no trouble with this pump for quite a long time. This is the pump to buy. If you have to get it replaced to get it right, I consider the time well-spent.

  14. Scott Thomas

    I love the FMP-500. Works well for both my mountain bike tubeless tires and my road bike tires. Easy to attach to the valve stems on presta or schrader valves. I do wish there were other color options than the orange, but a good garage or race area pump.

  15. Chas Magdanz

    Fabulous pump. I’ve been using it every week year-round for four years, and it still works like new. I run 140psi in my tires. (I never leave it exposed to the weather.)

  16. Chas

    Fabulous pump!! Used weekly for several years now.

  17. Greg Archer

    I have two of these pumps in my bike shop. One is for customer use, and the other is behind the counter for use in the repair area. The pumps work great! The one for customer use is regularly abused by people who are unfamiliar with pumping up tires (always an opportunity to teach). The other in the repair area, has in three years, pumped up over 2500 tires (a verified number taken from sales data). The 2500 does not include topping off tires that were low, just tires and tubes that were replaced! The pumps are work horses! In that three years the only things that needed replacement were a head for each pump, and a hose for the one in the work area.

  18. Mark

    I purchased this pump in 2005 it has worked flawlessly. There warranty and customer service is exemplary. Btw I have replaced an O-ring that’s it. Now because of my experience with the pump I’m going to give the cycling shoes a go.

    • Serfas

      Thanks Mark! Great to hear how trusty your Serfas pump has been over the many years. As always if we can ever be of greater service or you have any questions just give us a call and we’d be more than happy to chat 😀 Thank you for choosing us, Sincerely – The Serfas Team

  19. Alejandro

    Hi , i need size of o-ring , please. I can’t get a spare

    • Serfas

      Hi Alejandro, If you are located within the USA you may purchase a replacement o-ring from our parts section, here. If you are an international customer please check if your country is listed on our list of international distributors, if your location has a Serfas distributor you may contact them and have them order whatever parts you need. FMP-500O o-ring size measures approximately 28.9mm Outside Diameter, 21.88mm Inside Diameter, and 3.5mm Thickness. If you require any further assistance please feel free to call our Warranty & Parts Department at 623.888.5841 or write us directly via email at

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