UL-290 290mm U-Lock w/ Bracket


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Quick Overview

Serfas® UL-290 Pocket U-Lock

A formidable 15mm thick U-lock constructed of hardened steel and double dead bolt locking mechanism.

An ideal option for securing a bike during extended periods.

U-Lock Bracket User Guide (2020)

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Limited Lifetime Warranty
All Serfas® locks come with our Limited Lifetime Warranty to ensure your product is free of manufacturing and/or material defects.

Serfas® does not offer spare keys as locks are uniquely keyed during manufacturing. In the event of lost or stolen keys a new lock and key set much be purchased.


  • Includes 3 Keys (1 With LED Light & 2 Standard)
  • Solid Hardened Steel U-Lock With Double Dead Bolt Locking Mechanism For Extra Resistance & Holding Strength
  • Dust Cover To Keep Locking Cylinder Clean
  • Rubber Coated Durable Finish
  • Includes Frame Mount With Quick Release


  • Shackle Length: 290mm (11.42 inches)
  • Shackle Diameter: 15mm (0.6 inches)
  • Weight: 1,361 Grams (3 lbs)
  • Key Type: Internal Cut
  • Security Rating: 7/10

U-Lock Instructions

U-Lock Bracket User Guide (2020)


4 reviews for UL-290 290mm U-Lock w/ Bracket

  1. Elizabeth Eden

    I locked my bike on Hollywood Blvd for a night of safe drunken debauchery, only to come back and my key didnt fit anymore. Some nice person tried to drill out the keyhole to steal my bike. They failed. I had to call a locksmith. I guess there is no way to prevent that from happening so all in all it’s an effective lock.

  2. Andrea

    Simply put my bike was stolen with this lock and would not recommend it.

    • Serfas

      Hi Andrea, We are sincerely sympathetic to hear your bike was stolen while using our UL-290 U-Lock. Unfortunately, it is a sad reality that there really is no way to completely guarantee safety against a determined bike thief — even while utilizing one of our, or even any other brand’s, bike locks. We encourage locking a bike in areas with good visibility and plentiful foot traffic as an additional deterrent to thieves. Also, for all bike owners it is important to maintain a photo of your bike and a copy of the unique serial number hidden on all bicycle frames, this information should be given to police in the event of theft. We at Serfas wish you luck in recovering your bike and hope that your local authorities find the person(s) responsible. Sincerely, The Serfas Team

  3. Chad Brienza

    I just bought the UL 290 mm for my friends 11 year old daughter. The only problem that I have is there a no instructions regarding the mounting bracket that you place on the bicycle and the instructions say nothing about the cable wire and how she should be attaching it, fortunately I know how to lock up a bike but if her mom would have bought it for her the two of them wouldn’t have been able to figure out how to install or properly use this lock. I encourage you to add on those specific instructions to this website and anywhere else that people would access information. Other than that it appears to be a sound lock and I pray that it is as impenetrable as you claim it to be. I’ll let you know if it isn’t, otherwise so far we’re happy with the purchase

  4. Bryant

    I agree with Chad Brienza, You guys should put a tutorial on YouTube or something.

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