UL-150 Pocket U-Lock W/ Bracket


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Serfas® UL-150 Pocket U-Lock

A formidable 15mm thick U-lock constructed of hardened steel and double dead bolt locking mechanism.

An ideal option for securing a bike during extended periods.

U-Lock Bracket User Guide (2020)

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Limited Lifetime Warranty
All Serfas® locks come with our Limited Lifetime Warranty to ensure your product is free of manufacturing and/or material defects.

Serfas® does not offer spare keys as locks are uniquely keyed during manufacturing. In the event of lost or stolen keys a new lock and key set much be purchased.


  • Includes 3 Keys (1 With LED Light & 2 Standard)
  • Solid Hardened Steel U-Lock w/ Double Dead Bolt Locking Mechanism
  • Steel Encased Tumbler Mechanism
  • Dust Cover Keeps Locking Cylinder Clean
  • Multiple Channel Key Offers Many Different Key Variations
  • Includes Frame Mount With Quick Release


  • Shackle Length: 150mm (5.9 inches)
  • Shackle Diameter: 15mm (0.59 inches)
  • Weight: 952 Grams (2.1 lbs)
  • Key Type: Internal Cut
  • Security Rating: 7/10

Pocket U-Lock Instructions

U-Lock Bracket User Guide (2020)


1 review for UL-150 Pocket U-Lock W/ Bracket

  1. Cameron

    I bought this lock at a local bike shop with my bike purchase. This my first u-lock that I have owned, but I believe the 7 is a fair rating as the lock feels quite sturdy and the locking mechanism feels robust and turns without much issue. My problem with the lock is the included bracket. The mounting bracket comes assembled that consists of two pieces. The clamp that goes onto your frame and the bracket that holds the lock. The bracket is attached to the clamp with two screw that thread towards your clamping point ( in this case your bike frame). These screws are too long as they not just scratch your frame, but dig in and cause small gouges as you tighten the clamp. I place duck tape over the screw thinking they just might lightly scratch the frame, but the screws will push past the tape. I had to pad the clamping point to prevent further damage. It comes with a plastic insert, but that is just for smaller diameter clamp points. I have looked at competitors and they seemed to avoid this problem. Using the correct length screws would solve the issue, and the fact the issue exists is bit of a head scratcher. Fixing that issue would make it a great value lock.

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