CL-20 Straight Cable Combination Lock


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Quick Overview

4 1/2 foot length, 20mm thick braided steel cable lock with customizable 5-digit combination code.

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  • 5-Digit Customizable Combination Lock
  • Steel Tumbler
  • High-Strength Straight Braided Steel Cable
  • Rubber Coated Cable


  • Cable Length: 4.5 Feet
  • Cable Diameter: 20mm
  • Weight: 1,179 Grams

Combination Lock Instructions (New+Old Model)

1 review for CL-20 Straight Cable Combination Lock

  1. Nick Ramos

    I just received this lock and it is AMAZING. It feels thick and secure, but not to heavy. I love how it has a light so u can use it without a hassle in the dark. My favorite addition is that you can set your own combo. Serfas did a great job making a lock that is affordable, durable, and user friendly.I personally can’t find a single flaw about it. i recommend this lock to anyone!

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