UTL-200 Beacon 30 (30 Lumens)


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Quick Overview

The rechargeable Serfas© UTL-200 Beacon pumps out up to 30 Lumens of red safety light from two high-output LEDs with 180° of rearward visibility. An integrated belt/bag clip enables versatile mounting options with included seat post mounting bracket. The rear USB charging port and charge indicator light makes keeping your Beacon’s batteries topped off with ease and always ready for a ride.

UTL-200 User Manual and Runtimes

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  • 180° Visibility
  • USB Rechargeable Tail Light
  • Charge Indicator Light
  • Seat Post Mount (Requires Included Adapter)
  • Integrated Belt/Saddle Bag Clip
  • Top Clear Lens For Long Distance Visibility / Bottom Diffused Lens For Increased Ambient Short Range Illumination


  • Modes: High Solid (30 Lumens): 5.5 hrs, Flashing (30 Lumens): 10 hrs & Alt Flash (15 Lumens): 14 hrs
  • Weight: 92 Grams With Bracket
  • Battery: NiMh

UTL-200 User Manual and Runtimes

4 reviews for UTL-200 Beacon 30 (30 Lumens)

  1. Rory

    Very bright light. One led lens throws a vertically orientated beam the other throws a circle flood. As with my other serfas light the mounting on this is not ideal. Strap is either too loose of so tight im concerned itll damage over time. Also sometimes seems like the light falls down a few clicks, facing towards the tire.

  2. Scott

    This is a great light. It’s very easy to use with the right amount of flashing options (some come with too many modes). It’s very bright and easy to see from behind you. The mount is easy to attach and adjust. The angle of the light can be adjusted on the mount making it a versatile system. The button is easy to hit even if you’re moving. The only negative is it’s not very aesthetically pleasing but who cares since it’s for safety.

  3. Iain Perkin

    A coworker commented seeing me around 1km away during early morning after the sun had risen. He was quite impressed.

    • Serfas

      This is what we like to hear! The Beacon lives up to its name 🙂 – The Serfas Team

  4. Jerry McIntire

    Great light, just the right number of flashing/steady on options. I like that it’s rechargeable, though it lasts for months on a charge. Another reviewer mentioned the bracket not being sufficiently adjustable– that’s my only concern. In fact, the bracket strap has broken because it was too tight even on the loose setting on my seatpost.

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