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The Serfas E-Lume Series light line was developed to be the best on the market at the very best value. These headlights will meet and exceed their expected lumen output while offering you all the features you’ve come to enjoy from Serfas lighting. Please welcome the new line of E-Lume Series lights, and be prepared to turn night into day.


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  • Compact Lightweight Aluminum Design
  • Super Bright (500 Lumens) Output
  • Water Resistant Rating: IPX4
  • New 3 Level Battery Life Indicator
  • Last Mode Memory
  • Max Charges Rate of 700mA
  • Charges from Dead to Fully Charge in 3.25 hours (Using 700mA Rated Charger)


  • Solid Modes: Overdrive: (500 Lumens): 2.5 hrs, High (200 Lumens): 3.5 hrs, Medium (100 Lumens): 7 hrs, Low (50 Lumens): 14.5 hrs
  • Flash Modes: Daytime Flash (500 Lumens): 25 hrs, Low Flash (100 Lumens): 20 hrs
  • Weight: 162 Grams with Bracket
  • Battery: LG® 1-Cell Li-Ion, 2200mAh


  • Micro USB Cord
  • Handlebar Mount


6 reviews for USL-500 E-Lume 500

  1. Jeffrey Chain

    Small and very bright. Brighter than other lights costing a lot more, and it’s rechargeable too.

    • Serfas

      Hi Jeffrey, Thanks for the feedback, we’re happy to hear how pleased you are with the performance of your Serfas E-Lume 500 headlight! Enjoy your new light! – The Serfas Team


    E-Lume 500 is amazingly bright for night trails; where the only light source is the moon and stars. Going super fast at night needs bright lights to shine way down the path and around some corners. Believe the lumens rating were different in manual: 500,400,250 and 100 than listed here on website. 400 lumens enough and longer lasting than 500. If I had to complain, it would be that I wasnt’ sure which brightness level I was on…difficult to cycle through them to check; while riding…maybe a side round dial with 4 notched positions. Would highly recommend it. Bell is okay but believe Serfas has way more value for dollar…safety first ! It smart too, when low on battery, it auto lowers brightness and of course, changes to red button. Bought it this year, mount and connection are solid on mtb…even hopping and it stays on.

    • Serfas

      Thanks Rob! Glad to hear how much you’re enjoying your E-Lume headlight! We appreciate your feedback and will pass on your suggestions to the Product Development department. Thanks again and thanks for choosing Serfas! – The Serfas Team

  3. Bruce W.

    I am very pleased with these products. I recently purchased the E Lume 500 and the red Serfas rear blinker. This headlight is amazing, i really like the 4 brightness settings. I like early morning rides while its still pretty much dark. So if im on roads or trails i know then the first 2 settings are usually good. But if i go off the beaten path its so nice to have 500 lumens of bright white light to see everything. And it shines far enough ahead that it would be pretty hard to over ride the beam. These are just all around great products. Ive recommended and showed them to numerous friends that ride and they bought the same setup. Great product!!

    • Serfas

      Always great to hear from a satisfied customer, thanks Bruce! We wish you continued enjoyment out of your Serfas headlight/taillight setup and appreciate you passing on the good words to your buddies 🙂 – The Serfas Team

  4. john

    I just bought this light. I plan to use it as a daytime “to be seen” light. I plan to use the flash mode. It is difficult to figure out if the slow flashing is brighter or if the faster flashing light is brighter.

    • Serfas

      Hi John, on the E-Lume 500 the Daytime Flash is the slower of the two flash settings and has slightly longer pauses between a quick double flash, the Daytime Flash outputs the full 500 lumens in this mode. Low Flash is the steadier flash pattern with output at 100 lumens. Some bonus info, battery life is up to 5 hours longer in Daytime Flash (~25 hours) than on Low Flash (~20 hours). Hope this answers your question! Please feel free to reach out to our Warranty Department for further product assistance if needed – Email:, Phone: 623.888.5841.

  5. erin

    Light works great but the mounting bracket broke after 2 years. The break was where the rubber strap connects to the metal loop on the thumb lever.

    • Serfas

      Hi Erin, we are sorry to hear your rubber strap has broken! If you have not already reached out to our Warranty Department you may wish to do so as we have replacement rubber straps available for purchase (Part: S-UB-STRAP / 713836000839) – The Serfas Team

  6. Richard Thomas

    The E-Lume 500 Headlight came highly recommended. Now I know why! It is easy to install and use. I am very very pleased with this purchase and feel a heck of a lot safer at night. I can see and be seen! I highly recommend this light.

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