USL-5 Raider USB Headlight (70 Lumens)


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Super Bright 5 LED Headlight produces 70 Lumens USB Smart Charger included Integrated quick release bracket that swivels 360 degrees 4 Modes with burn times up to 6.5 hours.

Raider USB Headlight User Manual

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  • Perfect Backup Light
  • Provides 180 Degree Visibility
  • USB Rechargeable
  • Charge Indicator Light
  • Integrated Bracket


  • Modes: High-Beam: 70 hrs, Low-Beam: 11 hrs & Flash: 18 hrs
  • Weight: 38 Grams With Bracket
  • Runtime: Up To 6.5 hrs on Low Flash
  • Battery: Lithium Polymer

Raider USB Headlight User Manual

16 reviews for USL-5 Raider USB Headlight (70 Lumens)

  1. stingraybaron

    It’s getting darker earlier and I wanted something light weight and easily removeable from my road bike. This seemed to fit the bill. I used it last night and was very pleased. I could tell that cars were actually noticing me and that was my main goal. I was also pleased with the 180 degree visibility of the light. I really felt quite safe riding with this unit. What I hadn’t expected was that the light out of this little guy was brite enough to actually see the road pretty well.

  2. Jim I

    I went into a local bike shop to purchase a Blackburn Flea when the shop guys told me to check this baby out. Man was I impressed. On the plus side better charging mech., more light output, better mouting and longer run time. Another great Serfas product!

  3. Alex Kanakis

    Wow! My previous negative comment was removed! Shameless! So I’ll repost my comment.

    These lights are great until it rains. That might be OK for casual riders just riding around the block, but not for serious riders who need the lights on long rides when the weather gets nasty and they skies grow darker. If they are exposed to rain for more than a short time, they will fail. Period. I’ve tried a few of both the white (front) and the red (rear), and all of them have stopped working after being exposed to rain. Not good.

    I’m now using cheaper lights that are unfortunately not as bright, but they have not failed in hard rains on long rides. But I’d rather have a light that’s not as bright that works when you really need it, than I light that’s brighter but fails when you really need it.

    Shame on you Serfas for deleting my previous negative comments. The information I provided could save someone’s life.

  4. Mark Wilder

    I use this light with a TSL-500. You can see my review of the TSL-500. I use this light in flash-mode and I feel that cars are giving me more room as they pass me. I feel much safer on the road. The only thing that keeps me from giving it 5 stars is how it mounts. Since I have a small wedge pack under my seat, I have to mount the light vertically on the seat tube. It’s visible, but I don’t feel I’m getting the 180 degree visibility” which is a design feature. If this is a selling point for you”

  5. Campbell La Perouse

    I liked this light for ease of switching between bikes. But..

    First time it got wet – it failed! Just light rain, and it stopped working after 10 minutes. Not impressed!!

  6. CHRIS V.

    I’ve used both the USL-5 RAIDER headlight and the USL-TL60 taillight for about 2 years – more than 2 dozen fellow riders have commented to me your lights are SO bright

  7. Fabien

    I have been very happy with this product for about 3 years, using it about once a week for 2 to 4 hours, except for the past two nights, as it now fails to charge, without prior notice. I guess this is what happens when the battery life has come to an end. The failure was very sudden: the few seconds you try it after a charge and before hitting the road are satisfying. You are confident your lamp will work. But after about 10 seconds the blue backlight load indicator around the switch turns red, and fails after about 10 minutes of use. It is now time to by another one. Oh well, there is a limited number of times you can recharge Lithium batteries I guess.

    Just think of buying a spare after about 200 recharges so that you avoid this freaky experience of mine, where you experience a light failure at sunset in the country when there is another 30 km to go home…

  8. Kim

    Great light, had mine ages, it’s got very wet loads of times and had no problems whatsoever! Can’t fault it, I use it all the time day and night! Love it!!!!!!!!

  9. Dan

    I have used this light for over a year and would like to comment on it’s versatility. I use it primarily as a backup to a generator hub light and have found it to be very useful as an attention getter, that is you can point it straight ahead while the generator light shines on the road surface and you become more visible. I have also used it frequently on nighttime walks strapped to my thumb, very convenient. It has also been put into service during several power outtages with the strap around everything from the microwave handle to the shower curtain rod. Charging and run time estimates are accurate and rain has been no issue. Very good product.

  10. Robbie P

    I’ve had this light for a couple of years for my daily commute and it’s done the job brilliantly as a light to make other road users know you are there. What i love is the compact size, build quality and the ease of putting it on and taking it off – literally seconds. It doesn’t throw a huge amount of light on to the road for any great distance but what can you expect from 70 lumens. For a long time i could go months between charges on short distance night rides but it’s showing it’s age now and the battery demands to be charged after half an hours use on blinking mode. Time to get a new light and upgrade to a more powerful one. I’ve never had any issues with failures in the rain, and i’ve commuted in some shocking torrential storms with the light on.

  11. Lizann Bolinger

    I love this light because of how safe it makes me feel. The 180 degree light of this and the accompanying red light means that cars can see me both from the front and back as well as the sides. I mostly use it is flashing mode for safety but when on a bike path at night find I have ample light in non-flashing mode to see the rode. It is bright as well. But with all that, it has a very long battery charge time. The specs say 3 hours but I’d say it is much longer. I just bought a new one because my old one which I had had for over 3 years shorted in the rain recently. It happened because I had broke off the cover for the USB port and then in a long ride in very heavy rain, it quit working. But I have ridden in rain a lot before and my tail light version of this survived the same storm just fine because it still had its USB port cover. Great product. I haven’t found a light that keeps it charge for as long as these do.

  12. Sheldon Peterson

    The Raider USB headlights and taillights are a great product. Small (no dork factor) and BRIGHT. They remove and install in seconds, and charge easily and quickly with the included USB cable. The low charge warning light is also helpful. I am now the Raider of the Lost Dark! Yea, that’s right.

  13. curtis goodwin

    During a routine road ride, I almost hit a car broadside that had turned left in front of me at an intersection halfway down a steep hill that I routinely hit 50kph on (which is the posted limit). After my heart started beating again, I remember asking myself how did that idiot not see me?” I still don’t know the answer”

  14. Jeff Pregenzer

    I really liked this little (but bright) light but have to subtract 2 stars because the mounting point wasn’t very robust and it broke off without much of a bump and the light was lost. Other than that it was a good traffic flasher and even emergency head light.

  15. Shantry

    I really like this light.. It’s bright, easy to remove, reliable, and provides a nice light footprint on the road. I noticed other reviews saying their’s failed in rain, but I have not had that experience. I use these lights to commute everyday in New Zealand where it rains most of the year and never had a problem with them failing (front and rear). I’ve seen then absolutely drenched and caked with mud and I don’t even need to shake them dry after use.. Just park my bike and they’re ready the next day.

    These are WAY better than blackburn usb lights.

  16. K. S.

    The 5 LED’s give a broad swath of light and that is definitely an advantage when going around corners or on swervy paths and makes it easier to see pedestrians, vehicles, and animals approaching from the side. However, it’s more like a 90-degree swath than a 180-degree swath; but it’s still pretty good.

    It is small, light, easy to mount and unmount, and easy to recharge. I have not had any problems with rain on it.

    I wish they would make the lithium battery replaceable when it becomes no longer rechargeable. I don’t like having to throw the whole thing in the trash.

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